The 10 types of content you should try

Having a blog can be challenging – something should be going on there every week at minimum. Are you worried about not having enough content to post? Not every week there is a big event or news that you can write about. Have a look at my favorite content types. 

10. Review

Talk about something you’ve tested. A review of a tool, product or even a book or an article can be very interesting for your followers who are interested in the same topics as you are. It is likely that they or the creator engage with your content.

9. How-to-posts

Tutorials are usually used to explain how to do something or use a tool. They can take the form of a video – we talk about videos later on – but as well as a form of an article. The how-to articles give a written description of the steps to take and are very popular type of content on the web.

8. Guest posts

Encourage other people to post content on your platform. Mention them as the author, which gives you more credibility. They also help increasing your reach, as your guests bring their own audience as well.

7. Case Studies

Case studies show your work and give a testimonial of your abilities. Write about what you did for your clients or about something you are working on. That does not only attract attention to you but also to your services.

6. Testimonials

Let your clients talk about you, describe the service you’ve provided them, the success of the project and by that encourage readers to take you into consideration as a service provider.

5. Comics

Comics and cartoons are a very creative type of content. Create your own or get somebody else to create comic content for you – share it and have a look at how your followers react. Visual content usually triggers higher engagement and, mixed with humor, it has all the ingredients to become a full success.

4. Lists

Lists make everyone’s life easier. They are a straight forward, clear way to present content and they are easy to read. People like structured and light content and lists are the perfect mixture of both.

3. Memes

Memes are everywhere on the internet today. They are a great way to go viral with your content and achieve engagement. They are easy to make and funny. People love humorous content and are more likely to share it.

2. Infographics

Infographics are very popular content types. They display data and information in a colorful and simple way, making understanding and engagement easy. They are one of the most shared content type online.

1. Videos

Videos are a fantastic way to engage your fans. They are a very visual and emotional instrument of communication. They can have very different forms: Tutorials, Informative, Entertainment and many more, they are also very easy to convert.

So… What do you prefer and why? Are there any more content types you can think of?