15 places not to go on a date

Dates are usually very sensitive affairs and one has to be very careful when he decides to take someone out for an enjoyable date. The catch is that she actually has to enjoy it rather than just pretend to do so. When choosing a venue for a romantic night, keep it simple and let it talk about your personality. Most women enjoy fine dining and a quiet atmosphere so don’t take her someplace you haven’t visited yourself previously. Also, it is important for you to feel comfortable around her so make sure you don’t choose a place solely on her judgement and opinion. Irrespective of where you choose to go, do not take her to the following places:

theme museum


You might be someone who enjoys museums but unless you are sure about your lady’s interests, do not push your luck. Instead, try to take her to a neutral place. People either enjoy museums or they don’t. There’s no middle way around it. Even though it will give the two of you something to talk about, unless she shows an equal interest, your knowledge about the place might portray you as a blabbering show off.


Theme restaurants

Theme restaurants are nice as long as the theme suits your lady’s mood. Once you get to know her a lot better and understand what she likes, you can take her to those places but for the time being, avoid theme restaurants.

art gallery

An art gallery

You might have an undying love for art but she might not and in that case, this date can bore her to death for the want of some conversation where she doesn’t have to pretend that she’s listening. Similarly, if you go to an art gallery (without really wanting to) for a date with her, you might feel uncomfortable and get super bored so it’s best to avoid such situations.

bar and drinks

A bar

A loud bar that has people screaming everywhere you look and music blasting from all sides is definitely not an ideal place for a date. Bars are more like places you would go to in order to meet women but once you do meet someone, keep yourself away from the bar for dates.


A party

Parties can be a fun place to hang out with someone or to catch up with your friends but it’s definitely a bad place for a date. Not only will there be no opportunities for you to communicate with her but either of you might find yourselves more distracted than usual owing to numerous people around you. A party is just not a place where you can spend some quality time with your girlfriend.

church bank wood benches

The church/any place of worship

Places of worship are usually meant for family and no one really goes there for a date. People do go there with their partners but not for the purpose of having a date there. So, don’t get such weird ideas into your head.

fast food joint

Fast food joint

Fast food joints are the biggest cliches for dates and it takes minimal effort and romance to think of wimpy or Taco Bell when you think of food. However, when you have a girl with you, don’t take her to a place where she can decide what she’ll have before entering the place.

old man

Parents home

This one’s just creepy. Unless you are keen on introducing her to your parents, do not take her to your parents’ home. If you do, she will just think of you as crazy and then probably not think of you at all. Taking her there is actually a really sweet thing but more than you wanting to take her there, she has to feel ready to go there so it’s basically a question of timing.

watch football live

Any sport event (unless you are sure)

Sports are enjoyed by all people alike but women usually don’t appreciate it as much as the men do so steer clear of taking her to watch a game. Even if she likes sports, she might be rooting for the other team so things might get scary from there.

striptease club

Strip clubs

This one’s a no brainer. If you take your girlfriend to a strip club and try to make it a date, you are done for.

popcorn movie party entertainment cinema

A movie theatre

Movie theatres are a nice choice for a date when you don’t have a lot to talk about but if you do, you should completely skip it. Theatres hardly allow people to talk or communicate and if the movie turns out to be boring, you are done for!

buffet food

A buffet dinner/lunch

What’s wrong with a buffet you ask? Well, it’s a clear indicator that you are cheap and even if aren’t cheap in reality, that’s the kind of impression a buffet meals give. So, avoid taking chances.

paintball fighting

Paintball fighting

You might be one of those people who find paintball fighting to be a fun activity and frankly so do I but that doesn’t mean that your girlfriend will show the same level of interest. I cannot stress enough on the importance of choosing a place where both of you will have fun so don’t play paint-balls or laser tag with her on a date.

bread food restaurant people

Food court at any mall

Malls and food courts are the most routinely visited date spots for couples and they are just simply boring. Plus, food court food has a tendency to taste like cardboard and it also shouts that you are cheap so even if you have to fork out a lot of money to take her to dinner there, it won’t be worth it.

sexy girl at the beach

A nude beach

No! don´t even think about it. This is just not a place to go with your girlfriend for a date. The place itself flashes the big red alert.

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