Expert Insight: The future of SEO is outstanding

There is no denying the fact that the world has embraced digital media faster than anticipated, and SEO is a big part of it. People are preferring digital content over analogue, because of its affordability and easy access. The benefits of digital marketing over print media are tons and the sooner the companies realize that, the faster they will progress.

If you haven’t yet invested a dime in digital marketing, check out these current and expected figures for the SEO industry.

The current value of SEO marketing is set at $80 billion, which is considerably higher than the presumed.

SEO was considered a passing-fad, but that’s not true. This digital marketing strategy isn’t just growing but thriving.

The global spending by businesses on SEO surpassed the $72 billion in 2018, which will further grow by 9.72 percent to $100 billion by 2020.

The future of SEO isn’t bleak, and there are reasons for that.

More users and more searches

The internet is reaching out to more people and that too with affordability. This has largely increased the number of internet users. Not only that, the average number of searches are also increasing and they will likely to grow in the future, because of the internet that’s emerging as a fast and convenient technology.

Not to forget the possibilities of universal internet one day that Facebook, Google and other Businesses are working on rigorously. This would be a game-changer with a massive outgrowth of internet users.

All of these changes will make it easier for anyone to search on the internet for anything.

More search engine outlets

If Google is constantly changing its algorithms to improve the organic search, people will tend to move to other search engines. Not only the online but offline search engines will also expect radical growth due to digital assistants. Then, we could also expect growth of individual platforms based search engines like YouTube or Amazon.

Death of traditional marketing

Traditional marketing channels are slowly dying and they are expected to fade away soon. The world is in a transition shifting very quickly to the digital.

But it’s not rainbows and stars after all for the SEO

The growth prospects for SEO are immense but it’s not without risks. Following are the reasons why SEO might witness a decline.

Too much competition

What turned out to be an exclusive benefit of internet marketing i.e. low cost of entry can soon diminish because of the excessive competition and rising spending by businesses. In fact, we can also expect a tipping point where all the extra spending would stop paying off.

Decreasing rank predictability

Technologies like RankBrain are incorporating real-time changes in their search processes that could only be assisted using Artificial Intelligence. This would mean more difficulties to accurately predict websites’ ranking.

The Upshot

The future of SEO is oblivious due to too many variables, but for now, it is becoming key of success to any business that want to rank well online. In simple words, digital marketing is the future of marketing.

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