Financial crisis, Coronavirus and now UFO


To my surprise and that of many others, the Pentagon did something completely unpredicted, I don’t know whether to divert the public attention from how badly our governments are coping with the COVID-19 crisis or it is maybe due to the public pressure that has been asking for an official response on the videos in question – which are actually videos that have been circulating on social networks for a while. In short, Without going into more detail about the reason that the United States government has led to confess the truth of these videos, the Pentagon has just released three videos that once again are creating a great echo on social networks as they confirm the existence of UFOs.

Although this is something never seen before, since governments have always been tight-lipped when it comes to talking about paranormal activities, this led us to a series of questions, is there really extraterrestrial life? Does this mean that beings from other planets are strolling the Earth? Why did the Pentagon release and confirm such an event? 

In the videos published by the Pentagon we can see three rapidly moving unidentified flying objects, which were captured with infrared cameras by the United States military force between December 2017 and March 2018. In two of the three video clips we can listen to the amazed reactions of the members of the Armed Forces at the enormous speed with which these objects move.

But not everything is what it seems…

According to the same source – and to finish off the most elaborate conspiracy theories – Pentagon spokeswoman Sue Gough said they had decided to post those videos to clear up any misconceptions the public may have about whether the images have been circulating – as if they were real or not.

Which means…

Well, it is important to mention here that the Pentagon didn’t actually show the videos to the world to prove that those UFOs are some distant relative of E.T., they released them as they apparently contain no sensitive information about aliens or evidence of life outside of Earth. Despite this, members of the Navy affirm that following these objects was a titanic task, since the speed at which they went is something never before seen on our planet.


This makes me think that the world we live in is a world of endless mysteries. And although we would all like to know the classified documents of the Pentagon related to the subject of UFO. Today, at least, we’ve made a step forward. We can now finally say that the UFO mystery is as serious and real as any other. and that perhaps after this event, more documents and information will be declassified to us. 

I want to end by asking all lovers to keep looking at the wonders or our vast sky, that they should never stop investigating, that everything they capture in their free time can make an institution as heavy as the Pentagon be forced to publish and comment on them. Keep your eyes wide open and most importantly, enjoy the beauty and mysteries of our wonderful world. 

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  1. Hi Dani – I did not see what the government posted but I can share with you the real ET that are helping us by providing information and guide for our own survival. In 2016 after having seen a light in my backyard and I did lots of research on the topic of UFO. My lucky day arrived when I landed on the Billy Meier site called Billy Meier is an 86 year old Swiss man who claims to have been in contact with ET’s for over 70 years. Being from Europe myself, I understand the UFO concept quite easily it and can see if a person is legitimate or not. There was nothing with Billy that gave me the impression what he was saying was inaccurate. I now help the American representative, Michael Horn, who is doing an extraordinary job with it. If you go on the blog called you will see how much in advance we received all the pertinent information regarding the Covid-19 for example. Anyway, I like your writing style so I thought I would send you the most reliable and accurate information on this topic. Best wishes and thank you for your article.

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      1. Hello Dani –

        Well this put you in one of the very very few bright person for which you have worked very hard. Real UFO can be contradictory because it contains the truth and many people do not yet want to see things for what they are because taking a look at oneself takes courage. The fake UFO are the ones getting the attention as a result. It would be lovely to share this unique, clean, reliable, consciousness saving and evolutionary non religious material provided through Billy by the Plejaren. While Billy is still alive it makes it all more real for us and we are fortunate to experience it in our lifetime. So, sharing the story through your blog will be rewarding regardless of the feedback (be ready for some crazy comments). I use all my free time to share the spiritual teachings (The UFO are just the means by which we are being taught the correct way to live) and do plan on doing it for the rest of my life.
        I look forward to this.

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        1. Sounds very good Brigitte. Can I invite you to join my blog with your stories and share them with my community? I like to share honest experiences and stories from people around the world.


  2. Hi Dani –
    I am a bit late in responding because I had to work in the garden that I made as per the Plejaren and Billy.
    Yes, please let me know what I need to do to join the blog. You are right that the truth always stands above everything and anything we may acquire from Earth. Let’s hope this will be taught at school soon.


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