Is working from home the new normal?

Working from home

Most of us have due to the COVID-19 pandemic been forced to relocate our workplaces and work from home. The option has long been possible but not many businesses have explored its benefits due to technical and maybe cultural aspects. We are just not really used to working that way yet. But the pandemic crisis has forced us to cross these difficulties and adapt our working behavior. But one day the pandemic crisis will be over and many experts and businesses have been exploring the benefits of keeping their employers working from home – though now of free will.

The pandemic may have really revolutionized our still traditional behaviors and the way we communicate. Now, many experts believe that the pandemic crisis will evolve our behaviors to easily accept and join the digital world more seriously – as we are all going through a shift – furthermore, I believe the working lives will change for millions of people as the digital breakthrough has gradually changed the working life and people’s attitudes to working from home in recent years. With the pandemic crisis, I believe, the development will accelerate our digital transformation even more.

Many business owners and directors believe that having a more agile approach benefits the organization in many ways. Beside the economical aspects of not needing a big office, It is also a great way to fight climate change as millions of employers will suddenly stop traveling or commuting to their working places on a daily basis.

It has been several years now we’ve been talking about the effects of digitalization and digital transformation on our society. In fact, working from home was on the rise even before the crisis – and that the pandemic makes this transition smoothly for the entire system’s future. The COVID-19 pandemic crisis may just be the “single giant education” needed to stress the change in the labor market.

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