3 Alternative Social Media Options

social media alternatives

There is so much to read out there about social media and the major platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Even the secondary social media networks such as Google Plus and Pinterest get more than their fair share of attention, especially when it comes to professional digital marketing. However, there are a number of potentially useful alternative social media platforms that are often overlooked by big companies.


What makes YouTube an alternative social media platform is the fact that it often isn’t recognized as being a social network. However, given that YouTube works with uploads, statuses, subscribers, likes/dislikes and comments, it does in many ways work like other social media sites. For companies that have the resources to create videos, YouTube offers a great platform for getting followers. If your content is likeable, people will subscribe to you and likely visit your site.

Given its popularity and the power of videos, YouTube presents a great alternative social media platform for companies wishing to expand their reach.


Though the major hype surrounding Viber is over, it still offers some great options for companies wanting to grab the attention of the younger generation. In a way, Viber is one of the best alternative social media networks as it allows companies to upload very simple videos that are in keeping with today’s fast-paced internet activities. Above all, Viber videos are easy to make and require little work. If used properly, Viber can be a great way to help get your company’s work out there.


Though Snapchat is more than just an alternative social media platform for individual users, it isn’t one for companies yet. Recently, Snapchat has emerged as a major alternative social media channel as it allows companies and public figures to send little sneak peaks to many followers throughout the day. The personal and simple nature of Snapchat makes it attractive to those that want to share simple tidbits and whilst garnering a good deal of attention.

Though Snapchat has its limitations in terms of building a following, it does have a very attractive personal element and little competition.

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