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6 Free & Unknown WordPress Plugins

This list of WordPress plugins that I share is of free and unknown WordPress plugins you may have never heard of. The list includes many new plugins that are really interesting to any Blog or website as it provides useful functionalities for both onsite and offsite SEO. Use these WordPress plugins to get your blog or website to the next level.

6 Free & Unknown WordPress Plugins

1. Search Meter

  • Download Plugin: Search Meter
  • Search Meter is ideal for sites that want to track their internal searches. This plugin records what users are looking for, and whether they found the answer. You can see a list of successful and unsuccessful searches, and filter them according to different categories such as days, weeks or months.

2. Limit Login Attempts

  • Download Plugin: Limit Login Attempts
  • WordPress allows an unlimited number of login attempts from the login page. This means that passwords can be resolved easily by hackers, especially if your username is “admin” or your first name. Limit Login Attempts does exactly what it says: it blocks an Internet address where the particular logon fails number of times. This is important for the safety of your blog or website.

3. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

  • Download Plugin: WordPress Backup to Dropbox
  • WordPress Backup to Dropbox (Dropbox Backup WordPress) does what its name says. The backup includes all files and entire database. Pick a day, time and how often you want to create a backup. Obviously, you’re bound to have a dropbox for this to work. But hey! who does not have Dropbox now in days.

4. WordTwit

  • Download Plugin: WordTwit
  • Each time a new article is published, the plugin automatically send a tweet on Twitter. The links are also automatically shorten in the Tweet to save space for the title, and you can choose which words will be hashtag.

5. Announcer

  • Download Plugin: Announcer
  • Announcer is quite useful when you need to display the latest news, a new notification, the sale of a product, and so on. You can place an ad anywhere on the page. Check out the screenshots to see what Announcer can show in any style.

6. SEO Rank Reporter

  • Download Plugin: SEO Rank Reporter
  • Choose a list of keywords and SEO Rank Reporter plugin will track your Google rankings for these keywords every 3 days. You can view this data on a graph that the plugin offers. Receive e-mail notifications when the ranking has changed. The plugin is just updated recently to complement perfectly with the new update of WordPress.


As we see, though these plugins are not very popular or widely known, they provide quite interesting utility. In fact and as an extra Bonus I will provide a couple of unknown yet very useful plugins.

Bonus of unknown yet very useful WordPress plugins

Head Cleaner

  • Download Plugin: Head Cleaner
  • Head Cleaner cleans labels header and footer, automatically. Just install and ready, the plugin will make it magic. As a result, JavaScript and CSS loading should be faster. This is quite useful if you want your website or blog to run faster, and remember Google love fast sites.


  • Download Plugin: TablePress
  • One of the most frustrating things is to create a table online. Fortunately TablePress exists to create and manage tables in your articles, on your pages or in text widgets. These tables can include any type of data, and best of all, you do not necessary need to know any HTML. If you run into problems, the board support is very interactive.


  • Download Plugin: WP125
  • For those who want to see ads on their WordPress website or blog, and do not want to edit files, it will seem quite useful to use this plugin. The WP125 plugin is here to solve this problem for us and easily display ads once you have customized and adjusted the settings to your liking. Then enter the number of days the ad should run, and the ad will stop at the end of the period, useful when you want to promote something on your website.

Do you have some other unknown or little known wordpress plugins that provide useful features to websites or blogs? Share them in a comment.

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