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6 Social Media Survival Tips for Businesses

As a business, you might think that you don’t need to be present on social media. With all due respect – You are wrong. Your clients are online, therefore so should you!

Social media is where we connect, discover and learn. It is where we go to learn about new things, and where we go to find reviews. Therefore, it is important to create an effective social media presence. Here a list of 6 social media survival tips for you.

1 – Have a plan

Take some time to develop a plan – don’t just go into the social media jungle blindfolded. As with all new things that we meet in life, we need to do the research. Know what you want from social media and develop a plan for how to reach your goal.

2 – Be consistent

Be consistent in your posting and in your branding. It is important that the things you post on social media are consistent with your brand. You also need to be consistent in the way and amount of times that you post, so that followers know when (and how often) to look at your page or profile to see the latest tweets or Facebook posts.

3 – Expert advice

Show your current and potential clients the wonderful world of your business. Share your experience and stories with them. Make yourself an online expert and make clients and other professionals turn to you for advice. Make sure to be active and share tips and tricks about the newest technology within your business. Good content can easily be shared on both Facebook and Twitter.

4 – Online Friend

Upload pictures from your professional life (activities, your team, the different testimonials, parties…), but make sure to add a window into your personality as well. It might seem scary and outside of your comfort zone to share details of your life online, but it works best if the online community considers you an online friend. Show off the story behind your business and the team behind your services and products.

5 – Connect with your fans

The goal with social media is to expand your client database. Therefore, use social media to help your company grow its brand recognition and improve. By engaging on the different online platforms, you will draw attention to your business. A social platform like Facebook allows you to connect with your fans and allows them to engage with you. It is a great place to connect with your clients and it is where people tend to go to find reviews, contact information, etc. Today most companies are on Facebook and so should you.

6 – Be patient

Rome wasn’t build in a day – and neither will your online presence. Give it time – it is a process that needs patience.

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