70 things to do on a Saturday

70 things to do on a Saturday

Of all the things to do on a Saturday, what will I do this Saturday? Is there anything out there to do instead of sitting in front of TV or computer? Today in the world an average of 3 ½ hours of TV per person per day is consumed. What if this Saturday instead of watching TV we invest our time on other things? let me walk you through some of the activities I would recommend.

This article is a follow up list of the already popular article:  20 fun things to do on a Saturday night.


Well…. let go now the the list of more than 70 things to do on a Saturday for everyone, enjoy and have a good Saturday!  

  1. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  2. Go to concerts.
  3. Visit a public library.
  4. Listen to the radio.
  5. Write an article or story.
  6. Paint a picture, a mural or a room.
  7. Learn about trees and flowers native to your area.
  8. Plant something.
  9. Go for a swim.
  10. Read a book.
  11. Lee to another person.
  12. Plan a trip to the mountains.
  13. Go bird watching. Learn the names of the local birds.
  14. Fix something.
  15. Visit your city.
  16. Write a letter to a friend or relative.
  17. Learn to make bread.
  18. Learn to make jams.
  19. Prepare homemade liqueurs.
  20. Enjoy the you-moment or a moment of silence.
  21. Become a member of a choir. Canta.
  22. Check your closet and clothes that you do not use and take it to the parish (charity).
  23. Start a journal or magazine online.
  24. Go to a museum.
  25. Play cards or Poker with friends.
  26. Visit a used bookstore.
  27. Make some object craft gift.
  28. Notes the night sky with the stars and the moon with friends and relatives
  29. Learn about a different culture.
  30. Take pictures.
  31. Organize your photos.
  32. Attend a play.
  33. Join a theater group for ‘Aficionados’.
  34. Make exercise.
  35. Repair or renew a cabinet.
  36. Write and read poetry. Try to memorize the poems that you like.
  37. Go dancing with your other-half or friends.
  38. Watch the sunset or sunrise with a friend.
  39. Go to the movies.
  40. Get together with friends and family to discuss a book you have all read
  41. Host a gathering.
  42. Change the pots of plants.
  43. Try grown in pots aromatic and medicinal plants.
  44. Listen to a different music category, perhaps from a different country.
  45. Get to the cultural center in your neighborhood and get involved in any of its activities.
  46. Participate in the activities of the Ecological Social Center.
  47. Prepare a press kit on a topic that interests you.
  48. Learn a language.
  49. Reuse used cooking oil: make your own soap.
  50. Locate your neighborhood fair trade shops, second hand and traditional commerce.
  51. Clean your stock from unnecessary expenses.
  52. Visit exhibitions.
  53. Read and learn a new scientific phenomen.
  54. Make an alternative kit with home remedies and plants.
  55. Practice sex (safe).
  56. Learn to fix your own clothes.
  57. Read the newspaper.
  58. Enjoy moments of doing nothing.
  59. Plan your diet: organize a balanced menu.
  60. Walk around the park.
  61. Order your library.
  62. Swap books and music with your friends.
  63. Learn some stuff that catches your attention.
  64. Practice a team sport.
  65. Learn how to reduce energy consumption at home. Take it into practice.
  66. Actively participates in organizations defending social rights against the system.
  67. Visit the film library.
  68. Visit the archive.
  69. Join a Consumer Self-managed group or create a new one.
  70. Attend a public event type lecture, panel discussion, lecture-discussion, chat.

Do you have any other fun suggestions for us? Please do leave us a message. Enjoy your time..