Kliwo provides smart, witty, and thought-provoking commentary on and analysis of beautiful stories and analysis in English, Spanish and French.

Our magazine is a non-profit ONG and charity focused magazine where writers share the same fundamental rights. Any donations or help we get goes 100% to charity work were most of our charity projects are focused on helping kids and animals in need through various projects.

Kliwo approaches scientific and spiritual analysis, beliefs, personal stories, entertainment, social media and travel topics with a global following and discutions. It reaches over 500,000 people every month, and its highly-regarded education resources are used in universities and high schools.

Kliwo Studio produces custom media products – such as Web sites, creative design, specific stories and researches, photography, video production and a wide range of digital marketing services for small to big businesses.

Kliwo is internationally respected for its literary writing, spiritual research and engaging breadth of content.

Kliwo has a diverse audience, which keeps the dialogue and the movement we’re a part of dynamic and strong. We are also uniquely situated to draw in young readers who are at a critical moment in their lives.

Each article of klthumbs=”true”]iwo offers a whip-smart collection of critical essays, thoughtful reported pieces, incisive reviews, and interviews with world known artists, thinkers, spiritualists, religious leaders, culture-makers, and activists—a mix that readers simply won’t find anywhere else. In addition to a readership of 500,000 that loves having Kliwo as part of their daily lives.