We are a non-profit organization with clear goals to improve the living standard of mainly the poor children of the northern part of Morocco through diverse charity projects. Kliwo’s origins date back to 1974 when it started as a magazine with a goal to denounce human right violations, and since then, is dedicated to promoting and defending the rights of children and adolescents at risk and helplessness, by defending the basic human rights mostly for children and women.

Our goals

Phone Support: We are working to establish telephone Help for Children and Adolescents, a toll-free, confidential help and operates throughout the northern part of the country 24 hours a day every day of the year. This line is planned to offer psychological, social and legal assistance immediately to minors when they have problems or are at risk.

Email Support: We are working actively to soon launch E-mail support, as we are all aware of the growing use of new technologies by children and adolescents. This free service will offer emotional support to families 24 hours, legal and social advice, help to complaints, immediate connection to Police and Civil Guard…

Education: Since the start, MBC Times carries out reports and studies in education systems worldwide. The goal here is also for us to understand the best education system by studying the different systems used in different developed countries, and so work to develop the education system with best results and apply try to apply it locally. We aim also to be present at schools to provide training activities for students, teachers and parents to solve issues related to ‘gender violence’, ‘bullying’ among others.

Social sharing: Create channels of social participation involve interested people to resolve problems through volunteerism, dialogue and cultural exchange.

Social awareness: To sensitize the society; particularly young people; about their personal responsibility to the poverty and underdevelopment in which millions of human beings live, not only in so-called poor countries.

Commitment: Encourage the engagement of people in their own will to support local initiatives that meet real social needs.

Solidarity & development according to dignity: Promoting human dignity in all its ethical and cultural dimensions, particularly the effective equality of opportunity between men and women and children’s rights.

Picture: Jalil Arfaoui – Moroccan Schoolgirls – During a distribution of free school bags in poor schools by a local association (JCI), Tangier, Morocco, September 2012.