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An early morning in Gibraltar I discovered something

Today i decided to spend my morning in Gibraltar. Located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula of Spain is Gibraltar that is now held by the United Kingdom. In ancient times, Rock of Gibraltar was considered one of the Pillars of Hercules by the Greeks in the B.C. era. It was not disturbed until Tariq Ibn Zeyad conquered it and gave its name — Jebel Tariq (“Mount of Tariq”) — in 711. A military fortress that was built and held by the Moors from 1160 until it was conquered by Juan Alonso de Guzmán, 1st Duke of Medina Sidonia, in 1462. Throughout its history, Gibraltar was held by the Spanish, French, and eventually the British via the Treaty of Utrecht on July 13, 1713.

Gibraltar is a thriving community with its main attraction: the Rock of Gibraltar. The Rock is a massive limestone covered in lush vegetation at the southwestern tip of the peninsula and home to the Barbary macaques and several caves.

But today I just wanted to walk around Gibraltar visiting some of the well-known parts of this city. I wanted to experiment a beautiful morning here and take a nice English breakfast in one of it famous cafes. Really the city is very calm at 8 a clock in this Saturday morning. Walking through the old city I felt like the time has stopped here. Beside ocean village (the luxurious part of Gibraltar) the rest of the city feels somehow abandoned. The constructions here goes very slow, some of constructions are years old and are still not finished, the roads are badly maintained, the houses are about to fall down, cultural monuments such as the old cinema deserted and unfortunately it smells badly (It literally stinks!) in many places of the rock. I did ask myself how one of the richest cities in the world could be so abandoned, where does the money go?

Anyways… beside the negative impression I suddenly found myself in the main street where I started to finally see some people walking. An amazing view suddenly took my interest and made me understand why Gibraltar is such a special place, I saw a beautiful merge of cultures where a Jew was walking with his Muslim wife, or an Indian saying hello to his Pakistani neighbor. All these cultures living in peace, respect and harmony, really an amazing view I did not see anywhere else.

After 3 hours of an amazing walk where I saw so much in such a little place I found myself in front of an hotel, Bristol Hotel. I went in to have a breakfast but instead I was poorly attended and laterally asked to not take pictures inside the hotel. I was really wondering why? Finally, I did not like the way the receptionist spoke to me and decide to leave.

Well… enough of me speaking… here are some of the pictures I photographed during my morning journey in this city I end up falling in love with in a unique and special way. It was not its bad infrastructure, neither its activities or services that made me fall for this city. It was its culture and the beautiful and calm atmosphere full of peace and harmony that made me understand the magic of this place, a place I would want to visit many more times.

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