Are you ready for Google’s mobile revolution?

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There’s nothing new about the importance of adapting your your website to the new regulations the Google set out for us to follow, however this time it may have a severe effect on your search ranking result if your website isn’t responsive to mobile devices.

Today Google updated its algorithm to penalize website which aren’t mobile-friendly.

Google is well aware that the mobile phone has become the main gateway to internet. Currently, 70% of users access internet from their smartphones. So keep in mind that, if you are not ready for this change, your site will be invisible when someone searches for your services from their mobile device.

Responsive design is the key

If you want to know how this search engine considers your site, you can use this free tool click here and discover the areas of improvement so you don’t miss out on the benefits of mobile-friendly website.

As opposed to traditional mobile versions, adaptive design is definitely the best way to take part into the new pocket-internet. This implies a specific web architecture, which content ‘flows’ and adapts to any type of screen. This is something very important, considering the variety of sizes on the market, including smartphones and tablets.

Check out your own website for free, to see if it’s optimised for Google’s update.

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