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If we are the owners or managers of a company, either a small or medium enterprise or a small business venture and we are faced with the difficult task of increasing our sales and enhance awareness of our brand, there is nothing better to start use software tools that allow us to enter the world of virtual market. After investigating these tools we put together a list which will help you get started.

In today´s fast growing and highly competent market, it is essential that a commercial organisation has a sales strategy that includes the use of Internet as a means to promote and spread services or products.

In this sense, while maintaining ongoing communication channels with customers through tools such as email and instant messaging, we must also evaluate the possibility of starting with the proposed creation of an online store or a product and service focused website.

Moreover, we can also choose to include additional services, by incorporating blogs, websites with information, and even a presence in social networks.

At this point we are faced with the important decision to choose the site that best suits our requirements, as currently there are a variety of social networks.

One of the most popular communities, which currently boasts the largest number of users in the world is Facebook. In a few couple of years facebook has managed to win the post of leader when it comes to social networks.

If you are interested in knowing what more about the tools and advantages offered by Facebook to promote your business, in this special report we bring you information that can be very useful.

Branding on Facebook

Facebook : Once we have decided to start with a strategy for dissemination and promotion of our company in Facebook, the first thing to do is to create a page on the site, either as a company site or as a group.

This will allow us to expand a network of contacts interested in our service or product, while giving us an adequate means to communicate with them, and thus know exactly your expectations as customers, their needs and demands.

Moreover, there are also a number of applications, also known as “apps” or supplements, which give us a wide range of possibilities, so we can make the most of our time on social networks.

Note that the so called apps are basically programs that have been developed by people outside of Facebook, and function as accessories, adding to our company account, in order to provide tools that allow us to address as many activities as possible from this one single place.

My Business Blink Web

My Business Blink Web is an excellent application specially designed for businesses, and by which lets you create a widget or badge that we later can use on Facebook to promote our business in the community.

In this way we are not only getting an excellent promotion of our service or product, but also allows us to access completely free advertising within the social network.


IEndorse is a simple and easy to use application that gives the possibility for our Facebook contacts to provide endorsements, known as testimonials or comments.

But that’s not all, because IEndorse also features an extra service, which consists of a database of businesses that use the same application.

Thus, when we add the app to our company page, we automatically become part of the database IEndorse, so a lot of users will find our organization through this additional channel.

Moreover, IEndorse gives us the possibility to create separate profiles of our business and our people.

Networked Blogs

Networked Blogs is an Interesting application whose purpose lies in providing us the necessary measures to promote our blog or our company´s website.

On the other hand, the tool gives us the chance to promote our brand not only through the profile, but also incorporate other businesses that have a presence on Facebook, so we can access a larger number of contacts, and thus leads.

Smart Message Center

Smart Message Center is a fully automatic application and is ideal for orderly and organize different types of information within a page.

Smart Message Center gives us the ability to send the same message to several of our contacts or groups simultaneously.

Note that the application includes functionality allowing to export information obtained in PDF and XLS format, as well as so RSS.

Slide Share

Slide Share is ideal for those who want to use on a Facebook page of a company the different files such as PowerPoint presentations, Open Office documents or texts in PDF.

Slide Share does not only gives us the opportunity to share information, but also allows our contacts to add comments, ratings and label them, as well as providing the means for our contacts to download our content and share it with their contacts.

Professional Profile

It is ideal for those who have an individual profile and one of a company, and wishing to start different sessions for each case, which we connect with our friends or our work contacts, whereas this application make it functioning simultaneously.

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