Best Free WordPress Plugins for SEO

wordpress seo plugins

WordPress is a CMS platform that is incredibly flexible and easy to use. One of the things that makes this platform so popular is the fact that it can be constantly complimented with great WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins are what makes WordPress stand out from other CMS systems. Not only are WordPress plugins useful, but some are necessary for quality SEO. Here is a list of great WordPress plugins that can hugely improve your on page SEO:

1. Yoast SEO

Link: Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO is without a doubt, the king of all WordPress plugins. Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that is easy to use and allows you to optimize every post and page on your WordPress site. Not only doe sit make editing meta data incredibly easy, but it assesses the SEO-friendliness of your posts and pages and offers advice for improving it in the form of an easy-to-follow check list. If there is one plugin everyone needs, it’s Yoast SEO.

2. WP Super Cache

Link: WP Super Cache.

One of the downsides of WordPress when compared to Drupal is that it does not automatically cache your pages. Luckily there are a number of WordPress plugins that can make up for this, the best of which is by far WP Super Cache.

3. Broken Link Checker

Link: Broken Link Checker.

Broken links are bad for SEO and this plugin easily detects broken links and allows you to fix them. It’s usefulness sells itself.

4. SEO Friendly Images

Link: SEO Friendly Images.

This is one of the most useful WordPress plugins for boosting your on page SEO. Many people neglect images when looking at their website’s SEO. With this plugin, you can make sure all your images are perfectly optimized.

5. JCH Optimize

Link: JCH Optimize.

Minification is also overlooked when it comes to SEO and there are a lot of bad WordPress plugins that should be avoided. JCH Optimize is a simple no-hassle plugin that takes care of much of your site’s minification

6. Wordfence Security

Link: Wordfence Security.

One of the best WordPress plugins for security, Wordfence is vital for keeping your site safe and reliable. It is more reliable and tougher than a lot of other security plugins.

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