Blog optimization: 3 things to pay attention to

Blog optimization

Blog articles have become a vital way for increasing content, creating value, building a brand and keyword diversification. Blogs allow us to create more keyword-optimized content without having to alter the existing, carefully tailored content on our websites. Here are few tips on blog optimization that will help you make the most out of your blog articles:

Blog optimization tip 1: Quality content

Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media go hand in hand. It is no longer wise to focus on just one at the expense of the other. In order to guarantee that your blog is beneficial for both your SEO and social media, focus on blog optimization and make sure you focus on creating quality content. Keyword targeting is great, but it is important not to let it get out of hand and write blogs that have very little actual information. Blog articles should not only focus on keywords, but also on readability and informational value. A great article is a sign of professional blog optimization. Better articles can lead to more social signals and readers, both of which will help you on all fronts.

Blog optimization tip 2: Interlinking

Blog articles are a great chance to link your content to your own site and other important sites in your field. Many who specialize in blog optimization believe that all forms of strong links –and not only backlinks- can be beneficial to your SEO. Make sure you use your keywords as anchor text to link to other pages on your website and even other higher ranked websites in your field. This not only ads value and credibility to your blog article, but it helps Google place your site and your chosen keywords in a specific niche.

Blog optimization tip 3: Social sharing

When it comes to blog optimization and SEO, content and social media are closely related. Great blog articles give you the chance to reach far into the social world, especially if you are limited by your niche. Blog articles allow everyone to create potentially viral content without changing their website substantially. Make sure you share your blog article wherever possible. Programs like slack social can be incredibly useful for this.

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