Custom Software Development

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During many years I have helped businesses (such as Facebook, Teleperformance, Bredbandsbolaget, Bwin, Pizza Hut, and Volkswagen to name a few…) in all sectors to become more efficient with an adequate and adjust robust software solutions.

I have worked in various sections of companies thus create customized software to meet specific business demands.

I provide consulting services for software. If you are looking to buy or build a software program, I will be able to assist your business with the best suitable solution and specialized advice in points of management, sales, profit, productivity, loyalty and morale.

As an experienced Consultant I will advise you based on your software requirements in order to make the right decision. Individual professionals require a specific software while companies or organizations might demand an appropriate software application. Knowing this, I work on offering what is best for your business model, accordingly integrating and customizing your application. I evaluate the current software to know and understand the effectiveness and security making the right choice whilst an early, formative stage of the project, thus making it more requirement based.

I provide many years of experience in the software development industry. With the technical knowledge and first-hand experience of developing, managing and delivering complex projects, and working on a wide range of diverse project consulting and business analysis.

I am specialized in software consultancy, as I believe to provide the most value to my clients. In particular, I focus on helping our customers with:

  • Advising on project.
  • Making understand possibilities which meets business requirements with the help of technology.
  • Producing specifications and designs to translate those business requirements into well-defined, concrete proposals that can be implemented by a subsequent software development project
  • Advices on search engine optimisation techniques to clarify the facts amongst all the hype
    Innovative and creative solutions in building custom applications, Web 2.0 sites to accomplish your business goals.

Internet applications

Developing interactive, rich and dynamic applications and web 2.0 application for custom social network and user engagement.


Effectively customize and manage your business company with

  • Intranet Web portals
  • Data sharing and result output
  • CMS
  • Blogs
  • Tools for business development and workflow management.