Mobile application development

In today’s modern world, people are either asleep or connected. – Janice H. Reinold

Today, mobile phones have become a necessity. It has replaced not only the landline but, in some aspects, the desktop as well thanks to the introduction of smartphones and tablets. The combination of its portability and usefulness has made mobile devices the most powerful form of communication.

Its essential for any business to have an online identity in form of a professional responsive website or an app. Your website is your online business card. Whilst such a large amount of confidential data is moving around on the web, it is so important to secure the data and maintain confidentiality. As an IT engineer with many years of experience in the field, I have the capabilities that are required in developing, designing, managing and secure systems communication, with knowledge of the numerous industry standards and frameworks. I do not only identify and assess your security issues but also design, manage and implement the required mobile solutions for your business…

  • Assess your data security in line with privacy and regulatory requirements
  • Review your security architecture in line with best practice
  • Design secure applications
  • Complete assessment of security gaps against industry standards
  • Provide independent evaluation of vendor security products throughout system design and implementation: from definition of requirements and research and evaluation through to initial pilot evaluation and recommendations.
  • Working alongside your security team to transfer specialist web application security knowledge to your organisation.

Mobile application development services include:

  • Business software and solutions for almost all smart phones with productivity apps, utilities and solutions.
  • Mobile client software and Internet applications
  • Easy Porting web applications to mobile platform.
  • Windows Mobile solutions for enhancing your business.

Keeping your business and your needs in mind whilst developing an app for company is key of a successful mobile solution.

Other solutions include:

  • Advertising: corporate, promotional and coupon apps
  • News apps
  • Medical and fitness applications
  • Educational apps
  • Communication and messaging apps
  • Music and video apps
  • Geo location apps
  • Games, entertainment and leisure applications
  • Social networking and blogging apps

Most of your customers will be already using iPhones, iPads, laptops, and mobile devices. Mobile applications are specially used to ensure that your customers are up to date with your company information and services, and access the right information anytime you want them to.

After working with mobile development in the gaming industry… I truly understand that in today’s technology there is a constant growth in using mobile devices. Therefore more and more companies will deploy mobile applications for their businesses, this appears to be the current and future trend. All Technology officers have begun to define what mobile means for their brands and how they can improve operations using mobile devices. While mobile applications are an opportunity to raise the bar on branding and achieve increased productivity with:

  • Accessibility
  • Personalization
  • Contextual Use
  • Challenges

Mobile technologies offers a world of opportunities to enterprises, it is not easy measuring and choosing between multiple competing technologies. Enterprises need help in selection, planning and deploying mobile roadmap for their organization, while considering factors like productivity, management and costs of existing IT Infrastructures.

Recommended approach:

It is imperative to evolve a holistic mobile strategy from the ground up to be successful in this area. With my depth knowledge I would be able to assist your business with:

  • Landscape
  • Competitors
  • Mobility in Web
  • Planning for Adaptation
  • Technology Considerations
  • Selection of devices and platforms
  • Delivery, platform and end user management
  • User-experience across platforms


  • Analysing initiatives
  • Identification of potential opportunities
  • Business case and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis
  • Architecture Blueprint
  • Technology roadmap
  • Vendor analysis
  • Governance, Policies and Security

Smartphone penetration rate of population will increase to 48% worldwide in 2018, up from 39% in 2016. The penetration rate will further increase to 59% by 2022. The next generation demand is ever increasing, this has shown how profitable the Internet can be. Mobile Apps are bringing back the era of “Dot Com” of the late 90’s, and it is honestly fun to be a part of.