PHP is getting a hell of a lot more use these days. This reflects the importance of it for a company like IBM – Bola Rotibi

As an experienced PHP developer and a core developer in the Drupal CMS community, I have helped my clients with diverse PHP Web development projects in using Apache web server, MySQL and MariaDB database, Javascript and different CMS development projects such as Drupal, wordpress, prestashop…

I am specialized in MySQL/mariadb database, PHP/CMS development, script installing, modification, and PHP script repairs.

The advantages with PHP

  • PHP is compatible with all O/S
  • PHP is ideal for web development
  • PHP Development gives better in terms of performance
  • PHP web development is light weight
    Multilingual web development using PHP

I have been providing efficient and well scalable web applications to automate tasks, collect user data and transform static websites into full dynamic websites. I have also used PHP to develop dedicated CRM and CMS projects for different companies.

Using PHP allows me to take advantage of open source code, saving my clients development time and money. Many of the open source custom software solutions use pre-existing code modules that are assembled to meet customer needs. In addition to creating custom PHP and MySQL sites, I also work on installation services for third-party programs as per the client request. Because PHP is open source, many pre-existing software packages can be modified to client specifications.