Intelligently developed content management systems that work your way – WordPress

Create a website with CMS (Content Management System) WordPress is ideal for companies and / or organizations that want to take advantage of the latest trends on the web.

I work on developing unique and outstanding designed wordpress websites that are SEO-oriented to increase your overall traffic with quality visits and high conversion rate:

  • Easy navigation for the user: create your website for your customers to easily find what they want with a useful and accurate content.
  • Mobile Friendly: Mobile adaptable website design that suites your business branding. It is also known as “Responsive Web Design”.
  • Immediate updates: With the content manager WordPress you can easily make changes in the content of the page.

Beside developing a wordpress solution tailed to specific business needs, I also offer training and maintenance for best WordPress CMS management.

WordPress is the most widespread and popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world. It is an open source content management system, which defines the contents on the one hand and on the other the design. It has plenty of templates, I always advise my clients to choose the one that are well coded, SEO-friendly and best suits the business needs and meet the appropriate technical requirements.

I am devoted to provide businesses with highly qualified professional designs, reaching beyond the possibilities offered by the popular manager. What I mean is…

  • SEO-friendly websites with a focus on providing excellent quality traffic and high conversion rate.
  • Optimized functions and code
  • Rebranding/Branding and Designed Theme
  • Uploading content
  • SEO and keyword positioning
  • Security Updates and code maintenance
  • Code and content fix and corrections
  • content and media Transfers
  • Advice and technical support
  • Optimize website speed and cache
  • Renewal of templates to the new HTML 5 technologies
  • Adaptable and responsible design
  • Accessibility and usability

Why WordPress?

  • In WordPress, and as other popular CMS such as Drupal or Joomla, the content get stored in a MySql database that can be transported to any web hosting. I do recommend often WordPress for many type of businesses due to its numerous advantages:
  • Possibility to set many users each with a profile type to be assigned very easily.
  • Easy profile or user management with the ability to create different roles and rules.
  • Easy content manipulation and management, where all publications can be immediate. The contents can be managed from any computer or technical device, anywhere in the world.
  • Designs or themes can be updated without prejudice to lose information.

Likewise there is a wide variety of free plugins that enhance the functionality of your project. A plugin is a program that is added to the project to have ‘extra’ features, for example, there are plugins for SEO, security, audio, video, gallery, social networking, positioning etc. I always make sure to install the most important plugins and provide the best configuration for a successful project.