Web application security

Think of the internet as a public place. Don’t leave your details lying around. – University of Edinburgh.

Its essential for a business to have an online identity in form of a professional website. Your web site is your online business card. Whilst such a large amount of confidential data is moving around on the web, it is so important to secure the data and maintain confidentiality. As a certified cisco engineer, I have the skills and experience that are required in programming, designing, architecture and secure systems communication, with knowledge of the numerous industry standards and frameworks. So my role as a security engineer is not only identifies and assesses your security issues but also advises and implements solutions.

  • Assess your data security in line with privacy and regulatory requirements
  • Review your security architecture in line with best practice
  • Design secure applications
  • Complete assessment of security gaps against industry standards
  • Provide independent evaluation of vendor security products throughout system design and implementation: from definition of requirements and research and evaluation through to initial pilot evaluation and recommendations.
  • Work onsite alongside your team to transfer my web application security knowledge to your organisation.