Chapter 1 : I am Ruby

I am Ruby. I am a 41 year old woman who is about to restart her life.  

My story is one filled with pain, sadness, loneliness, abuse and depression, but also one of love, support, humour, friends, forgiveness, and justice and healing. This is a story about moving on from historic child abuse.  Many cases have come to light in the last couple of years, thanks to the efforts of the police whilst dealing with Operation Yew Tree, and several other big cases relating to child sex abuse cases that happened many years ago.

My life and my journey to recovery are now.  How I arrived at this point has many turns and tales, but my future is unknown.

The beginning of my new life begins in the middle of chaos and hurt, but I know that with strength and support, I will make it to the other end.  Hopefully I will emerge as a stronger, fully functioning adult without the burden of the secrets kept for many years.

I will share many occasions with you about how abuse, although kept secret, has affected my life, my relationships, my actions, and my place in the universe right now.

I will take you on my journey for justice and recovery, whilst not knowing the outcome yet, but also tell you why this is so important to me, right here, and right now, and how this has all come about.  It has been a long road, littered by the ups and downs of life, but how I have dealt with those ups and downs has been affected by my past, and I can only now see that.  I am excited to meet the person that I should have / could have been.

This is a positive tale, with hopes and dreams of a positive outcome.  I have had a good life and many of them in my 40 years.  My embarkation of this new life is frightening, but exciting.

I hope you join me…

(All names in this story have been changed to protect the individuals involved.  They will all know who they are, and many are happy for me to share their stories, but to avoid any unnecessary pain, pseudonyms have been put in place.)

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