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Chapter 27 : Patience Is A Virtue

Today was the day, it was the fork in the road that I have been preparing myself for.  Today was the scheduled date for the plea and case management hearing.  He (twat face) would enter his pleas to the court for the outstanding four charges.For those who don’t follow the story, there are five charges of indecent assault being brought by the CPS, but he has already admitted guilt to the lesser of the charges, so we now need to deal with the next four.

I have done really well during the countdown to this.  It is something I didn’t think would happen, and the outcome is the fork leading to either a guilty plea leading to an easy ending, eliminating the need for me to attend court, or, he could plead not guilty, leading us to a jury trial, that would take place at the end of May or the beginning of June.  I’m heading back to Spain in a few weeks to start again, if I have to come back for a trial, it is going to have a huge effect on my moving on!

I have tried hard not to dwell, not to talk about it, and not to worry.  I went to knitting group this morning, and laugh all you want, it is truly therapeutic, and it really does stop you unraveling.  Lots of people have called the house and taken my mum aside to ask for an update, but we haven’t had one.  At home, every time the phone has rung, they have all looked to me expectantly, waiting to hear from the authorities.  What happened??

Yesterday was a lovely day.  I really pampered my body and soul, even if it did hurt a little at points.  They do say ‘no pain, no gain’.

I first went to have some semi-permanent tattoos on my face!  Not a skull and cross bones before you ask, but my eyebrows, my lips and my eyeliner.  I’m really not a make-up person.  I don’t like what it does to my skin; I never see a real need when I am with my loved ones, and living in the heat results in most make-up sliding down to my chin.  I do however like the look of it when I do bother, as it makes me look far better groomed, adds confidence, enhances what I already have, and stops me looking quite so sickly.  I took the plunge a while ago, but due to healing and swelling at the time, it needed a second coat.  I love it, the eyeliner looks sultry, and my morning face doesn’t scare me quite as much as it did, my lips look fuller, and my eyebrows look… well, let’s just say that they should calm down, and the color shouldn’t be quite as vivid in a couple of weeks.  I could possibly change the word ‘should’ with ‘hope’.  I may even add a couple of pictures to my twitter account @rubys_journey so you can see the difference.

Afterwards, I went for a session of reflexology.  I love it, it calms, relaxes, and it helps that the person that did it is totally awesome.  I will tell you about her some time, but she always leaves me uplifted.

After a relaxing steamy shower and a beautiful family meal, I sat relaxing with a glass of sherry thinking how lucky I was.  I have been blessed with the people to help me reach this point, and the surroundings in which to enjoy it.  My Wales, it is the place to repair your soul.

‘How contrasting’, I thought, to the day that Twat Face was experiencing.  From what I have heard, they have now informed their children, (the children are in their fifties, and they didn’t tell them until after Christmas as they didn’t want to spoil it… bless) and they had the humiliating prospect of standing in court.  They will have been dreading this as long as I have been willing it to come.  They will want it behind them as much as me, but for very different reasons I should think.  I want to begin a new life, a happy life without ‘The Shadow’, my dark secret that follows me everywhere, even across the seas.  He wants to move on to put the shame and embarrassment in the past.  They will always be near people that know, whose opinions will have changed, and not for the best.  They will forever face disappointment in the eyes of all who know him.  Who wouldn’t want to put that as far behind them as they can, gaining distance between that hell, and a misconceived ideal of a future where no one remembers your sins.

Neither of us was satisfied as the hearing has been postponed.  They ran out of time to call his case, so now it is scheduled to be heard on Monday.  I am disappointed, but then I think how much worse his weekend will be compared to mine, and I realise that I am the lucky one between the two of us.

I shall update you on Monday…Patience is a virtue.