Chapter 28 : It Didn’t Happen…

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I’ve been so patient, and I haven’t lied to my family when I have said that the delay doesn’t bother me as much I imagine it is bothering Twat Face.  I would think that as much as he hates the process, he just wants it over.

He was due in court today for the second attempt at a plea hearing, but for some reason, it just didn’t happen.  He got heard, but it became a new request to extend his bail, which apparently takes precedent over the plea hearing!  How is this fair!!  At the moment, he knows more about what is happening than me.  He was in court with his lawyer; he was told what was going on.  I received a call from the victim crisis team, after the event explaining that it had been postponed, but they didn’t know why.  They will let me know when they find out.  Meanwhile, I am left wondering, but am trying to keep the attitude of ‘what will be will be’, and that no amount of worrying or stressing will change the outcome.  The wheels are in motion; it is out of my hands.

On a positive note, the Slimming World class went well today, and I lost 4lb!  Marvelous!  I want the new me to be a little smaller.

It’s now 10 months since I stopped smoking, and I now go most days without thinking about it.

I’ve nearly finished my next knitting project, a mobile for the next little one to join our group.  Poppy is pregnant.  We are going to have a baby girl for us to spoil, a little princess to teach all the little boys around us how to behave properly.  This is a new beginning that will mirror my own.  These are happy times, and I now need to keep control of my dark shadow; the best way to do that is to keep shining light on my life.  I will update you when I have more information.
Speak soon.

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