A dental practice color guide

dentistry ux color guide

The physiology of color can have an effect on your patient’s feelings and how they perceive your dental practice. In this article we will examine what the color of your dental practice really say about you? 

Calming Colors


Known as the color of love, pink is the most calming of all colors. It drains heightened energy and calms aggression. Pink can be used very effectively for a dental practice, especially when combined with more masculine colors.


Green is the color for growth; it is a soothing color and very relaxing to the senses. Dark green forests are associated with strength, health and stability and it has been proven to have a calming effect on patients.


Blue is a very popular color among many industries including the dental industry. Its calming tones create a feeling of stability and professionalism. It’s one of the most popular colors used in dentistry.


Purple is a very majestic color, symbolizing wealth and prosperity.  It’s rich with sophistication, wisdom and respect. Used with caution and in coordination with other strong colors it creates a very effective marketing branding color for dental practices.

Colors to promote Health


The color of purity and cleanliness. Used with other strong colors it can give a strong image of style and elegance. In the dental world, white sends a strong message associated with healthy teeth or cosmetic dentistry.


Brown is associated with friendship and loyalty. It promotes a feeling of well-being and tranquility. Mixed with calming tones it is an elegant choice for a dental practice.

Accent Colors


Black is the color of power, character and strength. It is often associated with grieving and therefore evokes strong emotions. It can be used to demonstrate a minimalist style when combined with white and grey accents.


Grey is a timeless and traditional color to use for your practice and is always a safe choice when used on its own. By using too much grey your practice is at risk of losing its individual character; however used with other colors it can relay a strong message about your dental practice.


Red is full of energy and is associated with excitement and movement. Too much red may result in an alarming or caged feeling. When used in combination with other colors such as navy, it calls for attention. This is a good accent color to use.


Is a very happy, bright color that stimulates feelings of laughter and joy.  It can be over-powering at times and may not be the first choice to use for dental practices. Used as an accent tone however, it can lift moods.


Jumping into the modern world orange is the most vibrant of all colors; it inspires fun, happiness and energy. There is nothing remotely calming about this color, in fact, the opposite is true.

PS: The colors used for your dental practice brand should also be used on your website and other online media’s such as social media.

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