How to attract more customers to your business

business website

A business website should be the main point of information for existing and future clients. For your business website to be visible in search engines and get potential clients to visit and convert, there should be a strategy involved and interesting content published on its blog, on a regular basis.

Let’s take consulting as a business example: How is it possible to frequently update the business website with good content and right information without too much work?

An easy way to make your business visible by having regular updates is by creating a news section or/and a blog. While a news section is more about announcing upcoming events and presenting facts in an objective tone, a blog is that part of your website on which you and your coworkers writes about business related updates, personal opinions, activities and experiences. The term was built by converting the words “web” and “log” into the single term “blog”. A web log is basically a diary on the internet.

A few years ago blogs were mainly used by private individuals. Today it is equally good for business communication. A good blog with engaging content will for example encourage backlinks to the website from other sites, attract comments and even draw traffic from readers’ social media pages.

Planning the blog

A blog can considerably improve the standing of your business website according to digital marketer Neil Patel.

According to Hubspot, companies that blog have 97% more inbound links. But, you already know blogging is valuable, which is why you already have one. – Neil Patel

Before your start your business blog, make sure you define the target audience and central topics.

What type of content should you include into your blog:

  • Content that is interesting for your target audience.
  • Content with keywords focusing on the right audience.
  • Authentic and plausible content.
  • An appropriate tone (however they want the practice to be seen).

From the technical side, a blog can be integrated as part of your business website. This way the page will automatically and constantly have fresh content. Another possibility is to set up an external blog as a subdomain and under the same root domain with links to and from the business website.

What type of results should you business expect by having a blog? 

An advantage of a blog is that the author can establish one’s own rules. The only point of reference should be the business established inbound marketing strategy. Apart from that the editor can freely chose topics. As consulting businesses have a wide range of age and services, there is a big pool of themes to pick from. Once there is good content with engagement, the website will come alive. It will show up in higher positions in search engines and attract new visitors and conversions.

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