10 types of friendships to avoid on Social media

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People’s personalities can be studied by just analyzing their personal social media profile. In fact, some artificial intelligence applications are actually able to guide us into our ideal job or discover our best talent just based solely on our social media behavior. But as fun as these social networks may sound, and before accepting any new friendship online, have a look at these 10 types of people that are best to avoid on social media for your own mental well-being.

That being said, let dive into the list of potential users that distinguish themselves on social media. They have all very specific features that makes them unique in any social media network. Let’s have a look!

10. The PR

If you don’t have a plan for the weekend don’t worry, the PR is always there suggesting you a lot of interesting events to join. The only price to pay? Daily notifications! Usually, we don’t know them and we don’t know how we added them to our contacts. They are just magically part of our network. The only thing we know is that all these notifications are constant and annoying, but in all fairness, sometime they do provide interesting suggestions that can be relevant.

9. The tagger

He or she is one of our real life friends. The main problem is their obsession towards tagging. If they walk 5 meters to get a coffee into a bar near their house, they feel the urgent need to communicate it to the world through geolocation. Sometimes the tagger is able to tag more than 40 friends in a picture. and guess what? not one of these people is in the photo. Has this ever happened to you?

8. The social depressed

Thanks to social media, we have developed a non-communicative communication and from this incapacity of people to speak directly to each other a new figure has been born: the social depressed. The status of the social depressed is always sad, anxious or depressed and they are always looking for approval from others. Friendship, love, relationship… Everything is worth doing a depressive post about. Better not to include him/her in your friends list!

7. The publisher of fake news

You can always find articles on the web concerning strange news and particular facts. The publisher of fake news acts in bona fide believing in anything he’s reading on the web: ghosts, political rumors, fantasy animals, the end of the world, paranormal activities. Just found a shocking headline and an attractive picture and he or she is going to quickly share it on social media. If you have friends that are publishing pictures of let say unicorns on their newsfeed, you most probably have this character in your list.

6. The egocentric

The summer is probably the favorite season for social media egocentric. Everybody has a friend like this and his or her main weapon is the selfie. In all his posts the main word is “ME” and in the pictures he or she will always be the main protagonist. The setting, surroundings or friends are not important. What is relevant is to be the only shining star in the picture. The second step of the procedure is tagging himself immediately and then liking his own picture.

5. Hashtags and emoticons addicted

Thanks to emoticon and hashtags, people can produce the most irritating posts from a visual point of view. Emoticons don’t replace real words, so please don’t pretend to communicate with these. It would be easier for an archeologist to translate hieroglyphics.

What about hashtags? Writing 5 lines of nonsense hashtags won’t take you anywhere and it will just confuse the readers. Here you can find more information about the use of the hashtag.

4. The haters

Usually, their status are direct to someone that deserve to be mistreated. Their typical status:

“Do you think that you are better than me? You are a loser!”

Their social media account it’s just a showcase where they can pour out all their hate and envy. They always complain about something but they never specify the name of the victim or the problem; they use the suspense to attract more comments and likes.

3. Farmville player

Fortunately, these days this character is fading from the main view, but just a few years ago, it was one of the most dangerous people you could find on social media. The fans of Farmville devote their time to growing virtual vegetable and taking care of their farm. They distinguish themselves because to get extra points in this online game, they just have to constantly send invitations to their social media friends to join the game.

We just want to ask you one thing: how many notifications do/did you receive daily? If among your friends there is a Farmville player you’ll know for sure ( Note: All this applies to Candy Crash and similar games as well)

2. The impulsive sharer

He or she has the complete monopoly of your newsfeed. The first thing you will see once you have logged in your social media page is his or her posts. He or she is spending hours sharing, commenting and liking. We may want to see other friends’ posts too, but this is hard because of this lumbering presence. You can hide all his posts (option up right of the post) without deleting him or her from your friends. I believe this is a fair compromise!

1. Your Mom

Suggestion: Never accept a friendship request from your mother. She already has the power to control you in real life don’t let her do the same on social media. The potential consequences? She is able to destroy your reputation with just a simple comment that will show all her influence on you.

And now let’s play a game: If you can recognize one of your friends in any of these 10 profiles, share it on social media and tag your friend. Then just wait for the reaction!

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