How to make instagram work for your business

beautiful girl using instagram

Are you using Instagram to market your business? If not you might rethink after reading this article.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms, allowing users to post things on the site in the form of pictures and 15-second videos. It has more than 300 million users and averages more than 70 million photos shared each day. In brief, Instagram is all about capturing and sharing the world’s moments.

This is all well and good, but you might ask: “How does that help my business?” Instagram will help you by reaching people who are open to new perspectives, which is something that can be of advantage to your business.

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool. Currently it does not have a reputation as an ad platform and users cannot add active links to their posts. This might challenge your understanding of how to use Instagram to your advantage, but by creating content that is visually compelling and different from the things that you post on the rest of the social media platforms, it will will boost your brand awareness.

As stated above, Instagram is a visual communication platform. So take advantage of Instagram’s power to show off your company’s personality by optimizing your presence on Instagram as well as planning creative content. It is important that you engage with your followers.

Instagram boosts engagement 15 times more than Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It has become a key sales channel to gain brand awareness and reach new customers. With Instagram Direct, you can reach your most engaged followers via a personal message. This is an opportunity to benefit through interaction, which will boost the awareness of your brand.

The best thing about Instagram is that it is fun. You get to see the beauty in the simplest things, by posting awesome photos that makes you laugh. Once you have entered Instagram, it will change the way you think about content marketing.

Benefits of using Instagram:

1. Build awareness about your brand

Build awareness about your brand through visual marketing. Instagram, as a visual platform, works well here.

2. Site traffic

No matter what your goal is; create business leads, increase sales or build an audience, Instagram can help you meet these goals. By adding a link to your website from your Instagram profile, you create a direct access, which means traffic to your site.

3. Market your products and services in creative ways

Because Instagram is visual, it is an ideal platform to encourage product sales. Use Instagram to show off your products and services in a creative way.

4. Update people on your latest offers and promotions

Give your followers the first peek of a new line or a new product. Provide them with discount codes and add in on competitions and your newest promotions.

5. Build trust and personality

People want to see who is behind your brand. They want to see that you are human, too. By posting media from your working environment, “behind the scenes” photos and so on, you humanize your brand. This way you can link trust and personality to your brand.

6. “Free” advertising

Yes, you read correctly; “Free” advertising. Think of Instagram as visual marketing of your products and services. Whenever a customer posts a photo with your product, they recommend your product to their friends, family and followers.

7. Connect with your customers

Through Instagram, you can connect with your customers by contacting them directly through Direct Message.

8. Learn what people like

With Instagram, you can learn what people like. By listening to mentions on Instagram, you will quickly get to see what people say and think about your brand. By studying the media that your followers like you will quickly be able to see the pattern of the things that they like.

If you have yet not joined the world of Instagram, It is now maybe time for you to experiment with Instagram… Good luck!

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