Top 8 Online Reputation Management Tips

Top 8 Online Reputation Management Tips

Check out these twenty essential online reputation management tips for individuals and businesses and put your best foot forward when it comes to what people see about you or your brand online.

  1. Monitoring your online reputation regularly will “increase the chance that by the time there’s negative content out there, it will be overshadowed by the content you want to be seen,” says Jason Brietstein, founder, Brandamos.
  2. Google your company’s name and see what shows up. “If there are any sites that are negative or that you don’t control, try to push them down in the search results with your own profiles on social media sites,” as well as with Wikipedia,, and CrunchBase (if relevant), says Takeshi Young, SEO team lead for EntirelyPets.
  3. Look at the first three pages of your search results, not just the first page, because a negative piece of content on page 3 can eventually make its way to page 1.
  4. Immediately respond to unhappy customers on social media and directory sites. “Try, if you can, to respond publicly” says Daniel Scalco, owner, Digitalux.
  5. If someone mentions something positive about you on the web, reward him or her with a coupon, freebie or a simple thank you. “People will remember and they’ll become brand evangelists” Clayburn Griffin, senior SEO content strategist, 360i.
  6. Work on getting as many positive online reviews as possible. “Not only do consumers usually trust online reviews, but Google usually gives higher search result placement to listings with a higher number of positive reviews” Brandon Seymour, owner, Beymour Consulting.
  7. “The more awesome blog content you publish and promote, the more authority your brand name will carry. It will also serve to help push down in search results any negative reviews you may have accumulated” Andrew Herrault, lead strategist, Connective Insights.
  8. “Developing relationships with journalists locally and in your field should be part of your over all marketing and reputation management plan” Anthony Kirlew, co-founder, Imagine WOW!


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