How to Optimize Facebook ads in 7 Steps


Facebook ads are becoming increasingly popular for businesses who want to promote themselves to specifically targeted audiences. The advantage that Facebook ads have over Google ads is that you can practically handpick your target audience. If, for example, you are looking to sell sewing materials and you know that your main target is women over 45, you can select an audience of women who are over 45, located in your area and have ‘liked’ sewing on Facebook. This makes it easier to maximize conversions.

The rules and possibilities surrounding Facebook ads are constantly changing. The ad program is quite dynamic and is still developing in many ways. Still, there are some important factors to look out for when creating Facebook ads. Here are 7 steps you can take to maximize the conversion of your Facebook ads.

  1. Focus on creating the right target-audience. Facebook ads are more successful when they are targeting the right audience. Choosing the right parameters for your audience is vital to the success of your ad.
  2. Make sure you Facebook ads always include a clear, simple ‘call to action’, such as “Buy Now” or “Click Here”. Facebook ads with clear calls to action attract a lot more clicks, and therefore maximize conversion.
  3. Do you have a strong brand or a specific product? Make sure it appears in the title. Facebook ads also need to be keyword optimized to ensure that people see right away what the ad is about.
  4. Include an image in the ad and make sure it is engaging. Facebook ads with memorable or catchy graphics tend to fair better. Remember that Facebook rejects your ad if more than 20% of the picture is covered by text.
  5. Make sure the advantages of your service (quality, uniqueness, discount) are clearly visible. You need your ad to pop and stand out from the rest.
  6. If you’re selling a product or service, make sure you indicate the price or at least the fact that you are selling something. You might get less clicks, but it is important to weed out those looking for freebies.
  7. Make sure the landing page of the link you provide is relevant to your ad. If you’re selling a product, you want to make sure you are leading people to the product’s purchase page and not your homepage.

Essentially, the goal is to find the right wording, the right picture and the right audience. Facebook ads can be challenging, but they can yield some fantastic results if done well. The most important thing is to always keep testing and tweaking. The more ads you do, the more you will realize what works.