Choosing the Right long tail Keywords

Search engine marketing - SEM

Choosing the Right Keywords has never been an easy task. Keywords are the life and soul of good search engine optimization. If you choose bad keywords, you can forget much of the SEO work you do. No matter how much the world of digital marketing changes, it doesn’t seem that the importance of choosing the right keywords is going to wain any time soon. Keywords are the key to being found on Google. Say you start a record store in Geneva; you obviously want Google to find and rank you high for the keywords “record store Geneva”.

The mistake that many people make is that they pick one keyword and settle with it. But one keyword is simply not enough. Google expects more from you and you should always try to rank for a variety of good keywords if possible. After all, more keywords means more visitors, which in turn means more potential clients and more conversions. To maximize your results on a variety of keywords, you have to make sure that your entire website contains quality content focused on a series of carefully chosen, interrelated keywords.

So we agree that all you have to do is find the best keywords for your website. Here are some tips for finding the best keywords. You can do this yourself, or you can also contact a professional for the best keyword analysis.

Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are phrases of 3 to 5 words, sometimes more. The logic behind using long tail keywords is that you want to ‘zoom in’ and make your keywords more specific. In the example of the record store in Geneva,  you can use keywords like ‘buy records Geneva’. These sort of sentences are recommended because they generally tend to have less competition but still a good amount of traffic. Let’s be honest, you’re never going to rank high for ‘record store’ because some of the internet giants like Wikipedia will beat you to it. But if your long tail keyword is “best record store Geneva”, you are sure to attract some great, targeted and relevant traffic.

Finding Long Tail Keywords

There are a number of great tools that can help you find the best keywords. One of the best is known as ‘Long Tail Pro’, but it is quite expensive, especially if you are only using it for a single website. The best free option is using Google Keyword Planner. Keyword Planner allows you to see a number of related keywords and both the competition and search volume they have.

Alternatively you can figure the keywords out for yourself. Think to yourself what you would search in Google and what others are most likely to search for if they are looking to buy records in Geneva.

A good method is to compliment your focus keyword with adjectives, such as “cheap record store “vintage records”. Another way to make your keywords more specific is to base them on product titles. Ranking high for ‘Vintage Rush Records” is more likely than “Records”.

These are just a few small tips, but they can bring you a long way. Keyword research is not always easy, but it is vital for making sure that your website is optimized for keywords that will bring you desirable traffic.

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