Social media best practices for summer

Social media best practices for summer

Allow yourself and your team a break this summer. Be pro-social whilst you’re away and have a plan which your whole office can be apart of.

The summer holidays make it difficult for small local business. It is the season where resource is tight and workload is heavy and above all marketing is important.

If you are planning to take some valuable time off, it’s important to remember that an active online marketing strategy should never take a break. However, if you are away keeping up with fresh content and engagement can be tricky. Here are some tips on how a small business can be social this summer

Organize your priorities

Focus on your targeted social media networks, every business has its preferred network for engagement and referrals.

  • Business to Business – You may want to focus on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Business to Customer – You may want to focus on Facebook and Instagram

During the summer holidays it is likely that your clients may also be taking a break, whilst they relax by the pool they might take the time to catch up on their reading, so it is actually a great time to publish content.

Get everyone involved

If you work in a small team and manage your own social media activity, even with the absence of one member you’ll feel the increase of work. Encourage everyone in the company to take part in sharing quality content – yes, even if it is not their job. You can use a content publishing tool like Outbox Pro, which allows anyone in the office to publish and create content for the manager or team leader to approve. This is a great way of getting everyone in the office involved and making them a part of the company’s social media.

Schedule Schedule, Schedule

There are many tools available which allow you to schedule content. Buffer is just one tool which will allow you to schedule your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Scheduling posts will keep your online presence alive so that users visiting your streams won’t see a break in your postings. If you feel that it is necessary for you business’s strategy that you have scheduled Instagram posts, then there are tools available such as Schedugr, but it is important to remember that Instagram’s primary use is for real-time posts. Instagram wants user to interact with events as they happen.

In-house communication

It is important to have an ‘out-of-office’ communication policy. Sometimes the thought of the amount of work they have to contend on their return puts people off taking a break. Ensure that everyone in the office is fully aware who is away and when as well as what social media streams need to be followed up on. It is important that any interaction from a potential customer is actioned; clients don’t want to wait two weeks on the return of the communications manager. This makes it easy on the staff in the office and the ones taking a break.

It should not be stressful to take a break, it may be hard to manage the holiday time for a small business, but the benefits of your team taking some time out far outweighs the struggles of the planning and preparation.

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