Top key strategies to build a successful online business

man working on creating online business strategy

We all dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur some day. But to get there you need a successful business. Unfortunately building a successful business is never easy – it requires a lot of work and expertise. The right skills are indeed an important factor, but also a good customer support and engagement are key to any successful business.

Honestly speaking, I can’t stress enough how important customer acquisition management is for a business. Any serious company should create an effective customer management system, and so, work hard to build long-term relationship with their customers. For any successful entrepreneur to achieve that, she/he need to implement different focus and strategies. In this article, I will share with you some of my top key strategies that I used to help my clients build successful online businesses.

  • In a mass-produced world, your business need to stand apart in providing a personal service with care, courtesy and an eye for the smallest detail ― giving clients confidence and their company reverence. You need to build a reputation for honesty, integrity, knowledge and the ability to achieve the best for our clients. Here basically, your client happiness is your primary objective.
  • You need to be passionate about the little details that separate good things from great things. Your aim is to always inspire and inform your clients by shining the spotlight onto the finer things in your industry.
  • You need to always seek the highest level of quality. Quality is always a decisive factor in any client’s purchase decision; a bad product will suffer from long-term stagnation and, therefore, it is necessary for your business to always improve the specifications of all your services and products. You need to make sure to provide the best service at the best price without compromising the support.
  • You need to make sure to provide quality service. Standing by the quality of the services offered will always guarantee customers loyalty.
  • I believe that good and dedicated communication is key to any business success. This is achieved by providing customers with dedicated support tailored to their needs. For a business, it is necessary to always seek the highest customer satisfaction as your primary objective.
  • In order to offer the best possible service for your customers, time is a fundamental asset. Every requirement needs individual tailoring, and each project is one-of-a-kind.
  • Develop services or products adapted to each specific customer needs, seeking to fully customize your offers in order to generate exclusivity.
  • In all business processes. offering continuous service or product improvement and updates is key. The most obvious cases are industries within the computers and technology sectors. These are industries that need to improve and develop and update their services and products faster and constantly.
  • If you are an international business, make sure to provide multidisciplinary and multilingual services, with native speakers and writers.
  • Work hard to constantly generate new services, modernize your procedures, meet new demands and introduce new products.
  • The most profitable opportunities are in emerging markets, unexplored market niches and markets presenting high growth rates. Make sure to develop your business not only locally but also globally. No market is a bad market!
  • Try always to overcome your clients satisfaction. When a client receives more than they expected, they feel that additional satisfaction. Other than the satisfaction of a purchase, try to provide your customers with an additional incentive – higher quality product, price, quantity or service. This is how your make sure to build a long-term relationship with your clients.
  • Think and over-strategically your strategy before putting it in action. Analyze trends, make plans and generate short, medium and long term strategies, and stick to them.

Before starting generating money and get in touch with customers, innovative and result-focused services and products need to be clear. Make sure that your services are competitive using up to date technologies. Below is my list of all the important steps a business need to complete before going out publicly.

  • Web design: Build a website: Website is the face of your business and so it need to be properly designed and branded to present your business in the best possible way. Your website need to be responsive, which means it need to be iPhone and Android-optimized from the outset, adapted to all devices.
  • UX: Your website or app need to be user friendly focused on your target group’s customer journey. Provide an interesting yet simple journey for your visitors to get the information the need and later in a quick and easy way find their way to the end goal to create better conversion and ROI for your business. Remember that different target groups behave very differently online.
  • Social Media: Going social means communicating with the world and empowering your business. You need to create a social media profiles in different social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram…) and grow your business by creating social buzz. Make sure to build your social media awareness the right way in order to get appropriate followers with good engagement.
  • SEO: Search engines are the way to make your website visible and attract organic visitors so that the website can fulfill its objectives. You need to take this step very seriously as it is the prime key to any business success online. Make sure to have the right people working on this step and most importantly do not trust marketing agencies as most of them will provide you results based on black hat SEO. These methods may end up having your business black listed in google. Make sure to get a trusted face to work on your SEO and make sure only white hat SEO methods are used to boost your presence online. Your SEO marketer need to approach you with a monthly complete plan that describes his particular recommendations to help your business grow and success and results based on keyword positioning, backlinks and your website on-site and off-site optimization.
  • Open source: This is a difficult one. Different Open source products are best used for different purposes. You need to chose a hand picked open source solutions solutions allowing your business to plan, build and launch a project into the market. On record time and budget.
  • CMS / CRM: I will go and recommend two CMS that have really shown best results for my clients. WordPress and Drupal. WordPress for small to medium complex websites, blogs, magazines and Drupal for big entreprises with complex functionalities. Nevertheless, both solutions are for business use providing the most popular free and open source content management systems, used in creating any type of websites.
  • Customer Support: Make sure to build a team of best technicians and marketers providing dedicated assistance in setup, upgrade, installation, customization and issue-solving.
  • Graphic design: With the right balance of design, technology and inspiration, make sure to imbue a brand with an identity and a narrative…
  • Digital media: You need to implement strategies for your company to achieve sustainability in this competitive market with outstanding print and media services.
  • Video: YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Make sure to build good presentation videos, tutorials about your industry´s trends, services… Try to make the videos short (about 3min) and fun. Remember, Youtube is the second most visited website in the world after Google, and by 2021, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video. You don´t want to miss that boat!
  • Consulting: Whatever the projects or goals, the strategy needs to be well-defined and sophisticated. Because I believe it is critical to your success, you invest time on brainstorming to identify and analyse the most effective and functional strategy for you. I also recommend you discuss your strategies and goals with a professional consultant before jumping into conclusion.

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