Jump into summer with 4 secret social media tools

summer with secret social media tools

Give yourself a break this summer and use these four secret tools which social media managers use to plan for their summer vacations.

1. Recipes to automate recurring tasks:


This is a very powerful tool which everyone should be using. This tool can save you hours of daily tedious task and give you more time to spend at the beach.

You can set up recipes to automate your tasks, example:

  • Add an Instagram post automatically to your Buffer queue; you could then schedule it to post to any of your social media streams – how cool would that be?
  • Automatically thank new Twitter followers – This is brilliant for whilst you’re sunning yourself around the pool, however not recommended as a long term solution.
  • Share popular LinkedIN posts from your favourite Influencer; your followers will think you’re up to date with the latest news.
  • Just for fun: If you lose your phone whilst you’re out enjoying yourself, send a message to a Facebook account which is connected to your mobile and your phone will start ringing.

2. Allows everyone in the office to schedule content whilst you are away:

Link: Outbox Pro

Whilst you’re away enjoying some well-deserved quiet time, it may be a good time to get other employees in your office to help out with social media. This tool allows anyone to schedule posts or create content with the added bonus that they can be submitted for review by a manager or team leader.

3. A secret way of SCHEDULING posts in multiple groups:

Link: SlackSocial

This is the gem of social media tools, so keep it a secret. If you are the manager of a number of Facebook groups which rely on your compelling content, you can schedule content to post simultaneously with a single click. The best part is that there is a free option which is normally good enough for the average communications manager.

4. Not such a big secret, however an excellent tool for scheduling:

Link: Buffer

This is a free application that works very well on mobile phones. You can add content to a buffer to be scheduled on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIN. This tool is a fantastic way of keeping your social streams full of fresh content whilst you are relaxing by the sea with a cocktail.

So, with these four tools you should be able to manage your time away. Remember the following:

  • Plan ahead
  • Schedule your content
  • Refresh and renew old content and reuse
  • Ask for help from your colleagues
  • Automate as many of your tasks as possible

Now sit back relax and enjoy a little peace, quiet and tranquillity.

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