Tweet! How to quickly increase your twitter engagement

twitter and engagement

Twitter allows you to share a tweet you like or find interesting. This function is called a retweet and the action is known as retweeting.

Before you tweet or share somebody else’s tweet in your news feed you should ask yourself: why should I retweet? how do I retweet this?” and most importantly, ones you shared a tweet, how do you quickly increase your twitter engagement.

How to retweet

  • Auto retweet: this means you only click the retweet button under the tweet
  • Retweet with comment: Twitter allows you to use the quote-button to add a comment to a tweet. In this case you must adapt it to the exiguous number of characters you can use.

In both cases finding the right content for your followers is the main aim!

Great tips to get the most out of your retweets

This is how you should retweet:

  • Shorten the text by taking out punctuation and unnecessary words, keeping the same meaning.
  • Give credit to the author at the beginning of your retweet [Optional Kudos].
  • Use a hashtag to make your retweets life longer.
  • If you are looking for retweets, keep your message short.
  • Separate your comment from the author’s message through a pipe symbol (I), so the reader can understand where the original tweet finishes and yours starts.

What your retweet should look like:

[Optional Kudos] RT [USER1] [USER2] … [Content] [Hashtags] | [Your message]

Why is it so important to retweet?

First of all it’s a way to engage with other people and showing them that their tweets are relevant to you. At the same time, you are providing great content to your followers. As a company, it shows that you are not just talking about yourself but give just as much importance to your followers.

A replica of your company’s tweet can bring more audience to your profile and increase trust.

Researches showed that tweets containing links produce over 16 % more retweets than actual clicks on the links. That might sound funny because, if you think about it, those tweets are retweeted without even opening the link. We can deduct that many people use pure retweeting as a part of their twitter strategy.

However, you must pay attention; you should be able to find the right balance between tweets and retweets – even your retweeting could be seen as spam. To improve the number of retweets you should use a call to action (RT) to invite people to act.

Have you already prepared your strategy to boost your tweets?

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