Improve your Twitter strategy with these awesome tips

twitter and engagement

You did it! – you finally started tweeting! You have been tweeting for a while and gained some followers, but it is not going exactly as you have planned and hoped. You are stuck and not sure what to do and how to continue from here.

Look no further – In today’s world, with the importance and the daily surrounding of Social Media that never sleeps, we all need a little help to do better and gain more followers and engagement with the things we post online. For this reason, we have handpicked 20 Twitter Tips for you to implement into your strategy to increase engagement.

With more than 500 million Tweets sent every single day, to stand out and get engagement, it is not only important how you tweet, but also what you tweet. The human brain is programmed to learn, meaning that if we see a question or an interesting title, we click it to satisfy our curiosity. Therefore, by making people curious we gain engagement and followers.

When posting on Twitter, it is important that you don’t only post the services you can offer your clients. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your client and basically tweet anything that could be of their interest, which still can somehow connect to your business. For instance – as a dentist, you can tweet for example about beautiful smiles, famous smiles, toothpaste, toothbrushes, healthy food for teeth, fashion that goes with a beautiful smile, etc. This way you will stand out as an expert, which will inspire trust and confidence from current and future clients.

If you google Twitter tips, millions of sites will come up with all sorts of tips for you on how to improve your Twitter account and your tweets. These lists will remind you of what you want to do with Twitter as well as fill you with inspiration for new tweets and marketing strategies.

I have put a list with my top 20 Twitter tips, so you can improve your Twitter strategy with some new suggestions.

Top 20 Twitter tips

#Twittertip 1

Define a brand voice based on your company’s personality and your audience. Use that voice consistently. It is important that you define your brand and that your audience knows who you are and what you stand for.

#Twittertip 2

Don’t be a salesperson on Twitter. Instead, be informative, entertaining and social. No one likes a pushy sales person in real life, so why would anyone be interested in being bombarded and pushed to buy in virtual life?

#Twittertip 3

Use one to two #hashtags per tweet for maximum engagement. When adding hashtags just for the sake of having hashtags, the purpose of it goes away. With too many hashtags, you will not get maximum engagement on your tweets. One or two hashtags is the perfect amount.

#Twittertip 4

Create lists. Twitter lists are its most powerful and least-used feature. You have probably tried to have a great tweet lined up and wanting to share it with everyone who might be interested, but somehow you always forget someone. If you create lists, you can spend your time and energy on other things and be sure to never forget anyone ever again.

#Twittertip 5

Follow the “Two Ears, One Mouth” rule. Make sure you listen and research before you speak.” Listening before speaking is important in virtual as well as real life. We do it way too often – we say something and, once said, we cannot take it back and we realize that we said something we shouldn’t have said or maybe just said it the wrong way.

#Twittertip 6

Add links. Link your tweets to interesting articles you find. When you have a great adventure or experience in life, you probably want to share it with your friends. It would normally be pictures or a video plus an explanation, to give the best picture of the whole story. Same goes when you find an interesting article or video on the internet – attach the link to it, so that people get the whole story…

The next thing is that, when you share someone’s article, the chance they will share your next article is higher – common respect among bloggers, twitters; virtual “friends” so to speak.

#Twittertip 7

Be trendy. Participating in Twitter trends is a great way to join a worldwide public conversation. We all are trendy in one way or another, whether it comes to fashion, music, culture or social media. So why not be trendy on social media as well?

#Twittertip 8

Share presentations on Twitter. Slideshare embeds are fully functioning on Twitter. Why not give your followers as much information as possible? Slideshare works to your advantage.

#Twittertip 9

Be visual. Images dramatically increase social media engagement. The first thing the eyes spot is images. Adding images to your tweets will increase your chances of people stopping and taking a second look. (Cat picture on Twitter – Visual Thinking picture on the blog)

#Twittertip 10

Tweets that contain more adverbs and verbs have higher click-through rate. Adding verbs and adverbs to your tweets will increase the click-through rate. This will result in more engagement in the long run.

#Twittertip 11

Show up in searches. A key to the registration process is using the right keywords in your biography. Keywords are everything! By doing a little bit of research and adding a few keywords to your tweets, you can reach so many more people and gain so much more.

#Twittertip 12

Immediately ditch the egg avatar. Upload your logo or your headshot to your profile. We want to see who is behind the tweets and comments. When putting a face to someone and something, our brains remember easier.

# Twittertip 13

Simply asking for retweets can increase your numbers by 12%. By simply asking, as with everything else, you will get so much more. Retweets can help you gain more awareness of you and your brand as well as engagement and followers.

#Twittertip 14

Monitor your competitor’s engagement; find out what the hot topics are. In every business it is important to keep an eye out for your competitors, to see what they are doing and planning.

#Twittertip 15

Have patience. Social networking is a long term strategy. It’s about relationship building. Just as every other relationship, this one also takes time and perseverance. When time has passed you will see the fruit of your patience.

#Twittertip 16

Twitter never sleeps. Automate some tweets to reach early birds, night owls and different time zones. Big part of the world is awake when you are sleeping, meaning that they do not get to see your tweets unless you schedule them accordingly.

#Twittertip 17

Optimize your blog post titles so when tweeting them they’re catchy enough for people to click on the links. The brain thrives with curiosity – if we get curious, we automatically want to click on the link to see what it leads to. Therefore, optimizing your post titles is important.

#Twittertip 18

If a customer sends you a personal tweet, respond. These are the most important tweets you’ll get. The client always comes first. As in every business, customer service is important – As you want the client to be happy and satisfied with your product or service, it is important that you respond promptly when they contact you.

#Twittertip 19

If you tweet something only once, a lot of people will miss it because their Twitter feeds are crowded with content. Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms out there, which implies many twitters and even more tweets. Hence, it is a good idea to tweet something more than once to reach the maximum amount of people.

#Twittertip 20

Develop a process. Find Twitter tools that work for you. As with many other things, once you have found the right tools and settled on a strategy, the rest is a piece of cake. With the right tools, you can do miracles.

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