Disney’s secret marketing tool

The most powerful marketing online is content written by influential writers.

If you can ascertain your target audience and commission a writer who is passionate and knowledgeable in the subject your readers are most interested in, you have a golden strategy for marketing online.

Disney’s social media team have taken this strategy to the ultimate level of success by selecting 1500 enthusiasts moms who are devoted to Disney. Mothers who are enthusiastic about their children’s interests are able to influence other families planning events and children’s activities with their online presence.

Disney does not pay ‘Disney’s social media moms’; they don’t tell them what to write, tweet or post. However, these mothers produced 28,500 tweets, 4,900 Instagram photos and 88 blog posts full of Disneyland ride reviews and videos of kids meeting Disney characters at this year’s annual ‘Disney social media moms ’ conference . The event, which started as early as in 2010, is invitation only and the attendees receive sponsored gifts, treats and a 4-day park pass.

Marketing online with unpaid social media influences

Some of the most engaged content on the internet is photos, videos and tweets shared by moms about family events on social networks. Every mother wants to share pictures of their little ones looking endearing and having fun in exciting places.

Mothers make the decisions in the home for their family

Moms are more likely to research on the internet for products, services and vacations before finally making the decision for the family. So, could this be a marketing online strategy which would work for other industries?

Recently, HP hired 14 mom bloggers to write and share their family homecrafts, which they printed using HP technology. I’m sure this is a marketing structure that could expand to other industry sectors such as family travel, health and fitness, as well as other family activities.

The youngest online marketing influencer is a 8 years old boy

Evan, a mini millionaire, made his money on reviewing toys on YouTube. He currently has nearly 2 million subscribers and Evan’s Oreo challenge attracted over 13 million views. How much do you think Oreo paid him for that little success?

This is all the evidence you need that anyone can be a social media influencer.

All you for marketing online is to Be passionate about your content, engage with the right target and a cheeky smile.

“See ‘ya real soon!”

Influencer marketing creates amazing relationship-building leads to followers seeing a glimpse of the magic Disney Parks creates, inclueding all the fun kids have during their visits and touches the hearts of the parents with all the magic the place could provide to their children. It also builds excitement and anticipation as people dream of their own visit some day.

After all:

“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.” — Cinderella

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