Dwarfs, gnomes, trolls and others. Are they real?

Dwarfs, gnomes, trolls

Dwarfs, Trolls, Gnomes and many other names refer to miniature persons living in the forests, mountains and caves. These humanoid creatures with magical abilities can help people or be harmful. These little people, often times described with red hats, which can make them invisible, and long beard had often met our ancestors. Although, many of us can see these little people like something unreal, dwarfs get in various myths, stories and fairy tales. The best know is about Snow White and the seven dwarfs, who helped the princess. But, there are also many bad ones. Good or bad, in Central Europe most people under dwarf understand small person living in caves, trees, mountains and forests, guarding treasures and taking care for nature. This type of dwarfs have seen gamekeeper in Hájenka over Olešnice (Czech Republic).

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth, Buddha.

According to Josef Jiránek

“One late evening he goes through his district and saw on one of the plain burn a small fire. (…) Around the fire were five small men with white beards wrapped around their waists. They were so small (…) He knew that they were dwarfs of the forest. He reached down and listened to their talk. They talked about forest wildlife, the trees, the flowers, the forest and about everything what that day in the woods happened. (…) When they met another day again, they were very upset. They found that mushroom pickers harm forest. They devastate mushrooms and must be punished. One of the dwarfs took out a black wand and three times waved with her over his head and uttered the magic formula. At that moment, thunder, storm started and hid all the mushrooms. Little people disappeared and since then nobody have seen them.”

Furthermore, through Nordic mythology we can see dwarfs as the skilled smiths. Brothers Brokk and Sindri made Thor´s hammer (Mjölnir), which is unbreakable, always hits its goal and return to Thor. Freyrs ship was also made by dwarfs and always had a good wind. Except these and others examples, dwarfs also helped in the fight, which led the Normans against Wendols, and which was also attented by Ahmad Ibn Faldan. Normans had in this fight many problems and they visited dwarfs, skilled smiths, closed in furs. One of the oldest has provided valuable advice on how to proceed in hard fight.

Dwarfs, gnomes, trolls

According to some theories, dwarfs don´t need to be some type of unnatural humanoid beings, but, as reported Otomar Dvořák: “they may be a specific energy beings or astral projections that receive shape in contact with the human information field.” We could therefore expect, that it is a sort of a natural force, energy, which is in natural objects. From a historical point of view existed many various religions or cults that honor energy and power which dwelt in natural objects as trees, hills or rivers. Whether are these creatures just energy projections or not, there are still information about dwarfs who were and still are more real than could anybody want, because they can be sometimes aggressive, for example as it depicts the following story….

The sighting of group of teens happened in 2008 in Suncho Corral, Argentina. Teens were about one in the morning outside. While the majority entertained, young man, Juan Carlos Roldan, filmed the talks with camera on mobile phone. Suddenly, they heard strange sound. Juan, who filmed also the creature said: “It was walking sideways and was wearing dark clothes. But it was impossible to see its face because its face was covered in shadows.”

Although some skeptics think that the creature may be just some animal, witnesses claim that the strange creature walks, and later run on two legs. As introduced Tony Hart-Wilden “Another resident, who described the culprit as a tiny man with pointy ears and an “enormous hat”, was violently knocked off his bicycle by the creature, and when he tried to run away, it blocked his path and shouted, “you shall not pass through here”. The gnome then proceeded beat the rider unconscious.“ Teens, as well as neighbours in the area, was after sighting of gnome afraid to go out during night.

Dwarves (and their more or less distant relatives) may be discover even today. Let us look closer at the some of them…

Troll (Iceland, Scandinavia)

In Nordic mythology we can find creature called troll. Troll may have on side huge dimensions, but, on the other hand, his height may be even equal to dwarfs. These creatures with long arms and legs, without mercy, are often dangerous to human beings.  So, although there are a number of little people, who seek to help people, they are also some who are not very good. Troll is often described as an old, strong and slow with dark skin, hairy, large eyes and long nose. This creature is active at night, because it may turn into the stony, if it is caught by the sun´s ray. Because of this reason we can find them living in the caves or in ravines. These, not very clever creatures, often harms people and although it seems impossible to meet them, it is not so unlikely as one might think.

One of such events reported Jennifer Cienfuentes. In her children´s room used to be inexplicable coolness and her dog was afraid to enter in Jennifer´s room. But besides this, one day happened something terrible:

One particular day she was awakened (Jennifer´s mother), heard me screaming and bolted to my room to find two troll-looking things throwing me back and forth to each other! She described as being 3 ft. tall with massive dreadlock-like hair with enormous hideous teeth that were fixated into maligant, evil grins. My mother stood frozen, shocked in horror as they proceeded to throw me in the air like a beach ball. (…) My mother´s body was being levitated in the air in my room as the evil trolls proceeded to continue to toss me back and forth! (…) She always kept a cross above me door and when she reached for it, she found herself towards me and caught me in mid-air. She held me in her arms and repeated the prayers and when she opened her eyes the trolls had vanished.
However, there also other, more or less known, stories about how some uknown creature came into the village or house, where it seeked for something. Of course, it is possible, that similar to some animals, they are searching for places with good or bad earth energy. The strange story of meeting troll happened in March 2010 in the farming community of Chiquimitio, Mexico, where was people afraid of the strange creature that goes around the place. Villagers attacked him and snapped his head with a machete and body put lacerated to dogs. Of course, it may not be clear that this creature was a troll. At present and in the past we could find a number of examples that describes the strange cases of animals which suffered various diseases and therefore may/might look like mythical creatures. But they are usually just one and they do not live for a long time. But, as Greg Newkirk states:

The interesting part about this case is that the eye witnesses claimed the creature walked into town on it’s own, and they had reported prior sightings of similar “monsters”, meaning that if the witnesses are to be trusted, this little guy (and possibly others) have been wandering around for awhile (…)..

Mmoatia/Mmotia (Ghana)

Mmoatia or also Mmotia is a name for the little person, reaching a height of about 1 feet, who live in forests and is generally regarded as mysterious dwarf with magical powers. It is generally believed, that they have awesome knowledge of medicines. Mmoatia can be red, white or black and they are active only after dark. It is very difficult to trace them, because they could travel great distances quickly and they have backward pointing feet. These little people should work closely with priests or an African medicine men. When they move, they do it so without making a sound, during which they could stealing things but also babies. It should be noted that the Mmoatia considered to be hostile creature and against uninvited visitors can act hostile. It is said, that it is very dangerous to whistling in the woods, respectively where Mmoatia live, because they communicate with each other through a whistle language. Therefore it is believed that their home was once whistling rocks of Tongo, which made strange whistling sound during November and December, when wind from the Sahara blows through it. Many may see Mmoatia as a legend created to scare the enemy, or an explanation of some supernatural phenomena. However, many natives believe in the existencie of “evil dwarf.” One of the stories, about a man named Saidu, is bringing us John Powell: “Saidu´s work involved frequent journeys deep into the forest to record the growth and condition of trees selected for detailed study. One day Saidu returned to the campus in extreme distress; he had been struck dumb and could communicate only in writing. (…) Saidu had visited an area of forest that was new to him. Being unfamiliar with local custom he had gone to work on the da bone, the day of evil when work is forbidden, and after taking pepper with his evening meal he had lost the power of speech. He was convinced that he was taken captive by a tribe of mmoatia, small forest dwarfs with backward pointing feet. Saidu had been told by the people living in the place of his affliction that his speech could be restored if he returned to make sacrifices to the local gods. (…)” Saidu´s speech return only after he brought sacrifice to these spirits. Although it may sound strange, especialy for the “civilized people” who do not come with supernatural forces into daily contact, Saidu actually can met the Mmoatia. As next states John Powell:

“In an effort to learn more about Saidu’s plight, the expatriate colleague made enquiries among the faculty of the university and found an elderly Ghanaian professor who was reputed to be knowledgeable in this field. The venerable gentleman explained that the mmoatia are considered to be intermediaries between men and the spirits of the forest, often employed by fetish priests to protect people from curses or cast out evil demons. ‘Make no mistake,’ pronounced the guru, ‘these creatures exist. I have seen them with my own eyes in this very room.’ ”

Nimerigar/Nynymbi/ Ninimbe (United States)

These dwarfs dwell in the Wyoming Mountains and caves near to the Wind River. These litle people, who reach a height from 20 inches to three feets, with large heads, usually wearing goatskins and their diet include deers, which are hunting with poisoned arrows. Although are these creatures healers, they are also aggressive and with poisoned arrows can also shoot at people. These destructive and violent little people are often seen as cannibals or originators of serious diseases. Next, according to Kathy Weiser: “The Nimerigar were also known to kill their own kind with a blow to the head when they became too ill to be an active part of their society.“

Although Nimerigar appeared to be only a kind of folk legend, discovery in 1932 shows us truer part of the stories about these creatures. Two gold prospectors, Cecil Main and Frank Carr, worked at that time in the area Pedro Mountains (Wyoming). After they found the golden vein and fired dynamite, before men opened 1,2 metres wide, 1,2 metres high and 4,6 metres deep cavity where they saw somebody sitting with crossed arms on the rock. When men looked closer they found out that tan wrinkled figure is actually a mummy, which strikingly resemble to a humanoid creature. They took this 6,5 -7 inches tall creature in a Casper city. At first, people looked on it skeptically and assume that it is a scam. However, Dr. Henry Shapiro from the American Museum of Natural History believed that the mummy is true. The X-rays showed, that this figure with the face of an old man, flat head, huge eyes and wide mouth, have developed male skeleteon, injured back, broke collarbone and skull which had been smashed by a heavy blow, died at age 65 years. On the head was also found congealed blood. The mummy of this little man  was displayed in sideshows for years. Then, it was purchased by Ivan T. Goodman, but when he died in 1950, his heirs divided his things, the mummy disappeared.

Mummies of little people was already found on different places of the world. Although X-rays and other tests reached a higher age of the mummies, skeptics believe that they are more an infants of some uknown tribe of Indians, prematurely born babies and so on. But, except the findings of mummies, people are still meeting alive little people. Another sighting of creature similar to dwarf have been captured on camera by night worker on the Texas gas lines. This documentary worker send photos at website Phantoms and monsters.com. As the man said:

Nov. 2012 – I was working the night shift on an x-ray crew at a material gas plant. This was around 3 am and there was only four of us in the plant at the time. I took this picture after seeing something swaying side to side out of the corner of my eye. I was in the basket of a man lift coming down when I took the picture. By the time I unhooked my harness to get out of the basket the creature was gone. The police were called and walked premises. The officer told me there were 26 UFO sighting calls throughout that night. If you zoom in you can see the silhouettes of eyes and elongated mouth. I have no doubt of what I believed I seen that night. The other person that saw it with me took off running for the truck.

In addition to these cases, we can look on other sightings of dwarfs. As reported Otomar Dvorák, sometimes in the middle ages saw the guard of the castle Sovinec (Czech republic) strange light in the opposite of mountain Tvarožná.

The light grew stronger and the man on the tower could not believe his eyes. At the side of the mountain opened a sort of rock arch, under which burned a huge bonfire. And around the fire were dancing transparent silhouettes of characters with short legs and great big heads. (…) Dwarfs held hands and danced in a circle around the flames. (…) Suddenly everything went off (…) The next day a guard climbed the mountain but he found there no track. In places, where was a cave with a fireplace, was only a large boulder overgrown with moss.
We can therefore assume that dwarfs, gnoms, mmoatia, trolls and many other creatures exist. Well, the interesting thing is that they are not good-hearted dwarfs, which can be found in European fairy tales, such as guarding treasures, protect nature and help people. Frequent observation in these times we might rather see in Africa or South America. But where are European one? Many stories about dwarfs say that they had problem with the sounds of church bells. In Asia, people using various bells for stripping off evil spirits. But dwarfs do not need to be evil spirits when they are going away from their places because of bells. It is possible, that bells create ultrasounds and infrasounds, that could actually work very damaging to the delicate senses of dwarfs. So, little people are going away and it is not only because of bells. As reported Josef Jiránek one day, a young shepherdess in the Lužické mountains (Czech Republic) lost cow. Shepherdess found her and saw a dwarf with a long gray beard. “He was thoughtful and sad. He turned to the girl and said: “Times changed, forests are dissappearing, the country is devastated and people are becoming more evil. Therefore, we, dwarfs, are leaving these places.” He reached for her hand and gave her the key to the treasury of dwarfs with a request to retain it, if little people returned to the country.” The girl hid the key as the dwarf asked to, but they have not returned. Could therefore be a natural force or energy that had to supervise on human evolution? Many people believe that there are hidden forces in the form of some kind of invisible beings, or rather the guards who supervise us. We can also mention the Gaia theory, which says that the Earth is a separate living and thinking organism that is capable of influencing the population of humans and animals. According to this theory, Earth may deliberately create energy that in contact with people transforms into some reasonable projections. However, the boom of civilization and ravages of country may all these natural, protective forces bring to ideas that they don not wanna to protect us anymore and go away…

Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught we will realize that we can´t eat money. Cree proverb.