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Five easy steps to monitor your blog content

Once you have the content of your website optimized, the next thing you should think about is the blog sections of your dental practice website. A blog is used to give useful information to the patients about what is going on in your clinic, about new treatments or instruments and for general tips on health and dentistry.

1. Try different types of content

If you want to know what works best on your blog, Google Analytics is a good tool to use. You can check how many people entered your and how long they stayed on your blog. If they stayed long enough to read the article, you can deduct that the content you used is good. Try different types of content and analyze how they work.

2. Analyze the movement of your visitors

When visitors come to your blog and read the article, what do they do next? Your goal is to get them to visit other pages on your website, especially your services and eventually the appointment request form or the inquiry form. Have a look on where your visitors go after reading your content. If they leave your website directly after reading the blog, try one of the following tips.

3. Place links inside the articles

In order to get your visitors to actually move on your website, you can link certain parts of the article to other parts of your website. It is very important that those links are as precise as possible. So if you write about teeth whitening and explain one treatment you should place a link to that exact treatment on your services. Furthermore you can link your articles in between each other if they have similar topics.

4. Place a call-to-action button

Do you have some sort of call-to-action button on your blog? Your goal should be to get your visitors to press that button. If you don’t have that kind of button, try to place it and have a look when people press it. Is there any pattern you can see? What was the text about? Could it be that the content inspired them to send you an inquiry or an appointment request?

5. Repeat what works

Whatever got your visitors to take the action you want them to take – repeat it. But never forget to try new and different content for your blog as well, just in case there is something that works even better.

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