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What will the future world be like by the year 3000?

First of all and according to a report by the World Economic Forum, in the year 3000 the world will finally achieve gender equality. While this is good news… what more awaits us in year 3000 and what about the predictions on energy and climate apocalypse?

While some predict a third world war or technogenic catastrophes that would destroy humanity, others have compiled some less pessimistic predictions about our future.

One of the most worrying problems for the world today are the reserves of natural resources, especially oil, since it is no secret that its reserves are being depleted. Even the most optimistic forecasts predict that oil will run out on our planet within a century. However, we can not know whether humanity will then fully opted for renewable energy, so it is uncertain whether we expect the energy apocalypse.

Humanity is aging due to decreased mortality and growth of longevity. Until the middle of this century most of the population in countries like Japan and South Korea will be over 50 years old and in several developed countries the number of pensioners will exceed the number of young people under 15. What we don’t know are the social changes that will lead this process, although it seems clear that perhaps radically change will be needed on popular culture, politics, public health systems and social responsibility.

Ethnic changes. The population of developed countries is reduced constantly Nor is no secret, which is also expected to occur in Asia, except in India, that future is thought to record the highest rate of population growth in the world. However, It is Africa that will lead the demographic structure of the planet grow. In a few decades the population of Nigeria will be greater than the US Similarly, Africans, who now represent 15% of all humans, in the future the population will reach the 25% to 35% of the world population.

The climate problem lose any sleep because global warming caused by human activity is the reality in which we live, says many scientists. Where there is still room for questions on how much the average temperature will increase in the coming decades. The most optimistic forecast points a grow by one degree Celsius, while the most pessimistic figure an increase of five degrees, which would have indeed some fatal consequences.

Since computers ‘tablets’ became widespread, the growth of the number of devices using global network gave a growth spurt. It is expected that by 2020 the number of devices reach 50,000 million, from which time growth would become exponential. However, modern electronic devices, also household electric appliances in automobiles, etc., which also connect to the Internet will be more developed. This process is very predictable, so it is likely to go the way of realizing films like The Matrix.

List of prediction of the future world

  • Life extension to 400 years will be achieved.
  • Population control will be absolute
  • Sex is virtual and only for fun…too risky for real reproduction.
  • Artificial womb could allow babies to develop outside the mother’s uterus.
  • Human interfaces are plagued with artificial viruses due to early sabotage and competition between OEMs like Ford and Microsoft.
  • Artificial Viruses mutate to a form viable in biologicals in 3000
  • The Bio to Artificial transmission of disease quickly follows
  • Year 3000: Quantum inoculations rid the world of all disease
  • Problems such as starvation and extreme poverty are gone
  • A world republic of governments evolves from the corporate-government mergers of the 2100s.
  • All babies are implanted with or are genetically programmed with a variety of interface modes: this includes person to person, person to community, and person to International and Interplanetary Net interfaces.
  • Some humans are more artificial than biological.
  • All devices and environments are controlled by simple will through the Artificial Environmental Interface
  • A consciousness emerges from the neural-network of all people and things [which refers to itself as The Big Kahuna, or simply The BK] that consumes our minds without us ever knowing. We have taken the next step in evolution. Each baby born is but a new node on The BK network. The BK directs its own evolution which progresses at an exponentially increasing rate…
  • A time machine is built and tested. The southwestern United States is a complete loss.
  • Space elevators are free to use.
  • Space Warp technology exists but nothing can survive the trip. This does lead to an interesting type of fax machine though. Teenagers love sending mice though these things.

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