Chapter 17 : Head, Torso, Knees & Toes Pt 3

I was wrong!  In part 2, I suggested that going to the doctors may not be as helpful as it could be due to the time I would need to go through everything with the doctor, who as my temporary doctor, may not have the same level of concern for me as she may if I were a long term patient.  How wrong I was, and how pleasantly surprised as well.

I took a few of my blood pressure readings to her, and she agreed that these were a low, and yes, it would certainly attribute to my tiredness, but also, she explained that unlike high blood pressure, it was unlikely the symptom of an underlying disease.  Another point that she mentioned, (of which after 25 years of suffering from depression, and secretly thinking that there was very little that I didn’t know about it), but one of the symptoms, can be… you guessed it, low blood pressure.  I haven’t looked in to the why’s and how’s yet, but it certainly made me feel a little better about my visit.

She didn’t dismiss me at that point though! – Oh no, she kept talking.  She checked her book on ALL of the medication that I was on, to check that none of them would cause the symptoms, and after finding that none of them did, she still didn’t dismiss me!!  She arranged for me to have a full battery of blood tests.  She checked the box to check for Thyroid, Menopause (even though she was convinced that I was too young, but she said ‘better safe than sorry’, bone hormones, (who even realised that your bones had any hormones in them?) vitamin levels, Glucose levels, and various other things that I can’t remember off the top of my head.  Basically, if there was an errant hormone, or an absent one, she was going to find out.  All that – in one visit!  I won’t hear a bad thing said about the NHS in South Wales at the moment, but I am aware that my opinion is a reaction to my own personal experience, and may not be in line with everyone else.

I did have to wait for about a week for the results, but whilst visiting Jackie up north, I received a call from my dear Mum, who informed me that the surgery had called with my results, and that they were all ok.  All ok!  How good is that?  They also gave me an appointment for next week to find out how it is now, and to see if there are any further checks that they can do.  Ok, so the blood pressure is still a bit low, but at the moment, I don’t really care.  I know that there is nothing serious, this helps me not panic and escalate my already precarious levels of paranoia, and confirms that the rapid weight gain that I have experienced over the last several weeks are not a result of a hormone imbalance, but purely from over indulging in mums home cooked food, and food that I have missed whilst in Spain.

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