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How to measure engagement on Facebook and Twitter

Every good Community Manager aims to link emotionally with communication and get engagement on Facebook and Twitter. Similarly, in most campaigns today, social media engagement is one of the objectives. Of course this level of relationship or engagement created must be measurable. if not, how would you measure your social media marketing success otherwise? This is how we measure the degree of social media engagement?

How to measure your level of engagement on Twitter

On Twitter you must take into account the number of responses and retweets linked to each tweet in a given period of time divided by the total of followers you have at the time you publish the tweet, and then multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage.

Most of engagement achieved by a company on Twitter is measured usually through retweets.

Note: The engagement increases on weekends, while few companies tweeting during the weekend. Try to work outside the box, if you see it feasible! and also remember that you can increase the engagement of your tweet adding pictures to your tweets.

How to measure your level of engagement on Facebook

Facebook offers us in their statistics the PTAT (People talking about this) which includes the likes, comments and sometimes shares. This figure is very practical and we use it as follow:

We count the maximum engagement we have obtained over a period of time of PTAT and divide it by the number of posts we have published, and then divide it by the total number of fans we had during that period. Then multiply by 100 to get a percentage of success.

Of course it is best to use tools that measure outcomes, such as Hootsuite in its paid version, where we get a very complete statistics that measure everything that is required to measure in your business to achieve your goals.

Note: Facebook provide a good way to create engagement by involving your followers on the actions of your brand, asking opinion or ideas for example, just be creative.

It is also important to share what is happening in your company, share pictures of the team, funny moments, parties… basically, humanize with your fans through Facebook.


You should use both Twitter and Facebook to enrich your followers with advices and tips, sharing interesting information and relevant links will make is possible for your brand to build a meeting place where people can gather useful information, which is very beneficial for both your brand and users as they most likely also spread it forward to the rest of the world.

If you want to get more engagement you should think about creating contests, relevant video or images, sweepstakes, voting/polls, coupons or surveys through forms. Many company aim to create a photography contest, which has resulted in great success to many companies.

How do you measure your engagement on Twitter and Facebook? And what do you do to create more interaction? Thank you for your comments! And for sharing!