How to optimize web content for your business

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Content optimization is one of the most important tasks that businesses really should take into consideration. Without a well optimized content with good competitive keywords, well optimized description and well written text with the right keyword density, your business website cannot success online in today’s search engines.

When doing the content optimization for our clients we often get asked,

What do I have to do to optimize the content of my business website?

Let us answer that question and give you the tools to easily do it for your business.

Organize your keywords and use the best ones for your web content

First off, the best start is to make a list words you want to include in one particular landing page of your website. Let’s take the Menu point “Social media marketing” as an example. In this “social media marketing” landing page you want to include a subpage on “Facebook marketing”, “Facebook ads optimization”, “twitter marketing”… Use brainstorming to come up with ideas for your keyword search and get more alternatives from the below tools.

Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool to create a list of competitive keywords. If you do not already have an account, you should create one. This can be done simply with a Gmail email address. If you don’t want to use Google Adwords, you can just use one of the many free tools out there on the internet, such as Wordstreams Keyword Tool.

Choose highly searched keywords with low competition

Make a list of the selected keywords from the “keyword ideas” or “suggested keywords”. Always choose the ones with low competition and a high search volume. Choose one or two keywords per page. Let’s take “how to get white teeth” and “minimally invasive procedures” for our example. The best is if those keywords reflect the business’s specialization, so if you offer minimally invasive treatments it is good to use it as a keyword.

Make sure you use your keywords in your content. This means, first you have to use them in the title of your webpage: “How to get white teeth with minimally invasive procedures”. Additionally, the keywords should be used separately and together in the subtitles of your content. SEO-experts call the title H1 and the subtitle H2, in reference on how they get displayed in the HTML-code of the website.

Last but not least: check the keyword density of your content

The same keywords you put in the title and subtitle should also go in the text of your website. It is said they should take 5 – 10 per cent of your text. You can check the keyword density again with some free tools from the internet or just count the overall amount of words and divide them by the amount of your keywords.

But always keep in mind – you want people to come to your website with the help of SEO, but you want to let them know what services you are offering and what is your specialization – so don’t overdue the content optimization; rather write for your clients.

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