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The festive celebrations have begun. This gives you the perfect opportunity to engage with your patients through social media and email marketing campaigns.

You can smell the sugar in the air, the winter festivities stockings are overflowing with delicious treats. No one wants sugar-free holidays or to be lectured on the effects of acid on their teeth. However, you can inspire your clients with attention-grabbing ideas on safeguarding their teeth from indulging in festive treats.

Here are some dental-related festive topics your patients will love

Delicious gift ideas to tingle your taste buds

Enjoy Christmas with tasty ginger-flavoured cookies with cinnamon and orange or a bag of chestnuts that have been roasted on an open fire.

For more teeth-friendly festive of sugar-free recipes.

Brushing tips that will make your teeth glisten

Advise your patience on when it’s best to brush their teeth, give them tips on how they can prevent tooth decay. For example, you can share with your patients how chewing gum after each meal reduces the risk of developing cavities.

For tips on brushing your teeth around this sweet time of the year click on the link.

Gift ideas that will make your patients teeth sparkle

Why not encourage your patients to visit your dental hygienist during this season and receive a well-deserved clean after the indulging in festive celebrations, or suggest starting the New Year with a glittering new smile.

Throw in a Christmas gift to celebrate the festivities, announce a promotion on teeth cleaning or sparkle this Christmas with a special offer on teeth whitening. You may also suggest to your patients that their New Year’s resolutions could be a healthy smile all year round.

For more ideas on dental New Year’s resolutions, click on the link.

There are many ways you can promote your services during this festive time of the year. Giving your patients healthy tips and being mindful of their oral health is a great way to keep them connected and engaged with you and your practice on Facebook and other social media networks. However, you must remember it’s Christmas so always keep your content fun and cheerful.

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