Why people are leaving Facebook


There are million reasons for the new generation to leave Facebook and engage in other social media that are more suited to their needs. Facebook, the company of Mark Zuckerberg explained that Facebook’s will is to make the world a more connected place. Well that may not seem to be entirely true after all.

The first reason could wield on why leave Facebook may be the loss of time that the network already implies that according to statistics a person spends an average of twenty minutes connected to Facebook at each visit he does to the social site, which can be translated to more ‘twenties’ a day depending on how many times you visit the social media per day counting all the visits you make from different devices such as phones, tablets… In fact this is a big issue for a generation with an ever shorter concentration span. Today the young require an easy navigated dashboard with a lot of excitement, and most importantly, they want it now. Basically, with a 10 years outdated UX dashboard, Facebook are not able to provide the required user experience the young crave today.

Other reasons for leaving Facebook is the amount of paid ads/posts appearing in our wall and superficial relationships (emotional and friendship) that are created and developed within this social network. These people can easily engage in almost all your posts or images you publish online without even knowing really who you are. Instead of getting the latest posts from the pages you have likes or people you follow, we end up getting all sort of paid ads and posts in are wall that makes the user experience frustrating.

One of the main reasons to leave Facebook is also the lack of privacy. This social media is basically saving any record or information you put in your profile or group. Nothing get deleted from Facebook’s database. Worst even, you information get sold to other companies and organization that later get to know everything shared about your life either by post, photos, writings and personal opinions on different issues.

Facebook has also experienced constant crashes and functionality issues, if you share the same post on different groups or pages you find yourself often blocked and can end up having to make ridiculous test to proof that your profile is really your profile, lately even require your official documents (identification number or passport).

Facebook does not provide support beside for those who require help with creating paid ads on the platform. If your account get hacked or if you have any issues, don’t rely on Facebook solving it for you.

Facebook is not fun anymore hence this is one of the most powerful reasons for leaving Facebook, the social network with their constant censorship, and linearity problems has become a rather boring social network often offending its users.

Facebook can be addictive, and can disrupt our lives and our social engagements with our friends, families… According to a study Facebook addiction may lead to situations of sadness and anxiety.

Also if you want to save your love life do not forget that Facebook causes a third of divorces since due to the labels on the pictures and the constant record of our activity many cases of infidelity or inappropriate behavior get shared with other people. And this is important to know by all facebook users who are married or have partners.

Finally, and as much as Facebook unites and connects us, it can also make much damage and wasting our time if not properly used. It is also worth mentioning that other social media platforms are becoming more likable and more joyful by the young and are gaining more and more followers against facebook that are loosing more users for every passing day. But whatever social media you use, make sure to be careful and make sure to not share important or personal information in the social media.

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