7 ways to survive a troll attack on social media

social media troll attack

Trolls used to just be part of Scandinavian fairy tales, but now with the evolution of social media and blogs. they have become real and scarier than ever.

What is a real-life troll? We can define them as immature internet users who thrive in any online environment where they are allowed to make public comment to upset or provoke other users.

Trolling as lifestyle

What motivates trolls to act the way they do? We have found some reasons:

  • Trolls don’t know how to spend their time effectively.
  • The may just be looking for attention.
  • They hate or have some kind of social problem with their victims.
  • They are following political/religious beliefs.
  • Psychological or mental disorders that drives these people to express their negativity behind a safe screen.

But probably to understand this phenomena we would need a psychologist to analyze all these factors properly. In this article instead, we will help you build a barrier against trolls. Before proceeding, have a read of this famous quote (it will help you) of Hanlon’s Razor:

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

Ready to fight

7) Act as an adult

Many people don’t understand that you should follow an etiquette on social media, and the fact that they are in a virtual world allows them, in their opinion, to do whatever they want. Don’t act like they do. Act as an adult when online, like in the real world, whenever you reply to a troll.

6) Take the discussion in private if you are talking with a client

Sometimes the troll can act as a fake customer, complaining about your services. In this case the best thing to do is to take the conversation private to resolve the issue. However, remember to pay attention to what you say, even in private, as the troll could take a screen shot of the conversation and publish it. This takes us to the next point.

5) Always be polite

This advice will never go out of fashion. If someone it’s not acting properly inside your social media channels, always approach him in a kind way. Looking at your kind behavior your followers will support you in defense of the community you have created for them. So be polite online as you are in the real world.

4) Be creative

You could feel irritated by a troll, but don’t play into his hands. This is what he wants. Instead, think of a creative and funny way to reply. This will show your audience that you understand social media and that you are enjoying your work.

3) Ignore them

Most troll comments are useless, so if there isn’t a real question or something you need to reply to, you can simply ignore the comment.

2) Don’t delete the comment

As mentioned before if the comment is harmless there is no need to delete it. But if it could hurt the sensibility of your community or in any way break the law, it is ok to delete it. Deleting a comment without a valid reason might appear as an unjustified admission of mistakes.

1) Admit you are wrong

Sometimes we have to raise the white flag, but it can be done with honor and with a smile. Remember to say thanks to the person who points out a mistake you have made. Some comments may seem like trolling but at the same time, it could mean that your community is active and participating in the discussion.

Do you know other ways to deal with a troll on social media?

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