20 fun things to do on a saturday night

Fun things to do on a saturday night

No fun things to do on a Saturday night? Bored! just run out of ideas to do this Saturday night? or are you just checking for ideas to enjoy a fun time? well, sometime you have this free Saturday but don’t really know what to do with it.

Saturday night or Saturday is an excellent day to have some fun and forget the gathered stress during the week and can finally do whatever you want to do. It is a funny question to ask, specially when you find yourself out of plans, Some probably prefer to hang out with a group of friends. have some fun time together. go out to eat, hang out at places, dance…

Some more chill out people will probably prefer to stay home, stay up late watching tv, reading, gossip. Having a relaxed dinner with friends. It’s so much fun you can have on a Saturday night.

Here are 20 fun things to do on a Saturday night that can make you up and running and have some of the most exciting Saturdays ever.

Poker night

1. Have a poker night with friends

What can be a better way to spend a Saturday night than hanging around with friends and earning (or losing) some money in the process? You’ll need at least three friends for a night that promises to be fun. You can try playing strip poker and spice things up. If your boyfriend or girlfriend can join the fun, well, what can be better than cards to strengthen the love between the two of you maybe.


2. Plan a theme party

The night is young and so are you. Live it up with a theme party. You can go back to the 70’s and do it disco style or dress up as your favorite Hollywood stars and see what a walk on the red carpet feels like. Whatever you choose as the theme, it’s going to be great as long as you have your friends and plenty of booze.

Girl’s revenge

3. Girl’s revenge night

Have any of your friend’s been dumped recently or simply been stood up? Well, here’s your chance to maximize your Saturday night by toilet papering the guys house or car (in some cases, both) with your friends and taking sweet revenge. Can you think of dedicating a Saturday night for a purpose higher than this?


4. Record a girl’s night out on camera

This plan’s very simple and easy to work out. All you need are your girlfriends, lots of beer and a video camera. First order of business, get sloshed. After that, record everything that happens. Not only is it fun to watch the next day, it’ll also help you to remember things you said and did. The memory can be preserved for years to come and that is an added bonus.


5. Potluck dinner with friends

Saturday nights are seldom spent alone. If you are bored of constant parties and getting drunk and you are looking forward to a nice dinner where you can catch up with friends, this is one of the best ways to go about it. Ask everyone to bring something with them so that no one is burdened with anything, relax and enjoy the night.


6. Sleepover

We all want to feel how to Feel Like a Kid Again! If you haven’t met your BFF’s in a while, invite them over for a sleepover.

Do manicures, make cocktails, watch your favorite sitcoms and have a time of your life.


7. Movie marathon

If you find yourself all alone on a Saturday night, you have nothing to fear. We have all been there and done that so instead of thinking about how you are alone when the rest of the world is having fun, use the opportunity to spend quality time with yourself. Rent out or download your favorite movies, make a bowl of popcorn, grab a pack of Twizzlers, get into your pajamas and you are ready to have a one man movie marathon with your favorite movies of all time.

8. Revival Cinema

Brush up on the classic movies of the twentieth century at a revival cinema! There are tons sprinkled around the city, and tickets are generally pretty cheap.

Dance night with friends

9. Club hopping

If you are in the mood for adventure and you have some bucks to spare, catch hold of your friends and get ready to paint the town red. Go to the best clubs in town, dance to the music of your choice and live it up.

Las vegas

10. Plan a road trip to a luxury place close by

Road trips are fun especially when they lead straight to Vegas. Gather up your friends and hit the road for a weekend in some luxury place close by where you can live your craziest fantasies with the comfort of having your friends. You can test your luck at the numerous casinos or try to get a glimpse of some new places.

Game night

11. Game night

There are a thousands of things to do with friends, but we tend to go for the same old things as we usually do. Why not shake things up next time you are making plans  with your buddies and offer to organize a game night? With a little bit of alcohol and the right mood you’d be pleasantly surprised how much fun playing old-fashioned games with your pals can get. Charades, spin the bottle the possibilities are endless!

School/college reunion

12. School/college reunion

That’s correct. You can have a small school/college reunion in your apartment and invite all your friends who are in town. Can you imagine a better way to spend a Saturday night than with your old classmates catching up on old times and stories?


13. Go bowling

You can also choose to go bowling with your friends. Divide yourself into two groups or compete with others who’ve come for bowling. Some places also offer glow-in-the-dark bowling which can be a completely new experience but hey, if your regular bowling alley doesn’t offer that option, a night of bowling with your friends can be just as much fun.


14. Go to an Amusement Park

Universal Studios, Disney’s California Adventure, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Fisherman’s Wharf all bring out your inner dare devil and allow you to enjoy a full action packed day riding roller coasters and eating awesome food.


15. Go-Karting

Well, how’s this for exciting – a night of go karting! You can pretend you’re a character in that old cartoon, Speed Racer…or you can just not. Either way, it’s a surefire way to have fun on a Saturday night.

Redesign your home

16. Redesign your home

If you are stuck with nothing to do on a Saturday night, why not redesign your apartment? Move a couple of chairs here and the table there. If you are willing to go all out and you have a spare room, change that into a lounge or a game room. Imagine the surprise your friends will get with these changes and new additions.


17. Play a game of paintball

Paintball can be fun, especially when you’re divide yourself into groups. A game of laser tag can also be just as enjoyable.


18. Record a video

If you ever felt you could come up with a better video for a song, this can be your time to test it. Get some of your friends and shoot a nice video with all the drama and the panache, or maybe go around your city and take quality pictures of some great spots and put some special effects with lightroom or photoshop. Later on, you can upload it on Youtube and share it with your friends on your social media channels.

Google Earth

19. Google Earth

Try to locate people’s houses using google earth application. We’re not saying you should stalk anyone but it’s fun to see your town from a satellite and be able to zoom into all the houses. Go to your house and see which cars were parked when the picture was taken!


20. Become a Paparazzi

Follow the hottest celebrity around town. Grab a $1 camera if you need to and head to the local hot spots in your area. Make sure to get those exposing shots. No need for a Photo 101 class. Just point and shoot.
If you have any other ideas to share with us and with our community.

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