3 therapies for good health

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Everybody have at least once in life some health problems. There are different ways, through which we are trying to solving them. Pills, vitamins supplements, medical herbs, alternative medicine and so on. But there are also special therapies, which are designed on different problems. We tried some of them…

Kneipp´s therapies

Water is everywhere around us, our life depends on water, which has healing properties that people know for centuries. The healing effects of water met and developed also Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp before more than 150 years.

Kneipp, who from birth longed to be a priest, ill with tuberculosis, which was at that time considered incurable. When the doctors gave up hope of his recovery, he decided to help himself alone. He started using the healing effects of cold water in the Danube, where he used to go swimming (to what he was inspired from book about hydrotherapy). After two years, got rid of the disease. During his lifetime, Kneipp has developed an extensive system of more than 140 methods of hydrotherapy, which are based on hot and cold showers, rinses, baths and compresses. All these therapies are helping to stimulates blood flow, metabolic system, strengthens the immune system, etc.

Personal experience: We tried Kneipp´s foot bath therapy, which consists of walking in small tubs, alternately in hot and cold water. In these tubs, you can sometimes also find stones that are massaging the reflex points on the feet. Although have these stones also therapeutic effect, walking on them is painful. Similarly, substitution of hot and cold water to the skin is painful, because the hot water has around 40 ° C and cool about 13 ° C. The cycle should be repeated for 10 times.

After a few completed, we may say that this therapy had beneficial effects for example on blood flow. Of course, you need to undergo regularly. Similarly, Kneipp took the view that in addition of Hydrotherapy is important and correct lifestyle and movement, on which you should not forget.


Halotherapy, also known as Salt therapy is considered as one of scientific fields from the 18th century, when Polish scientists, namely for example Dr Feliks Boczkowski, noted that local salt miners do not suffer from seasonal diseases, pneumonia, etc. Halotherapy takes place in the so-called salt caves and salt rooms, that are closed room, which walls, floor and ceilings are covered with a thick layer of salt.

Humidity and temperature are controlled so as to create an environment free of allergens and microbes. The air is saturated with ions of iodine, magnesium, sodium, bromine or selenium. Such air acts like near the sea, with 2-3 visits is same as week vacation at sea. Stay in the salt cave removes fatigue and stress, but also supports the immune system, helps in the treatment of rheumatism, hypertension, various skin diseases, respiratory diseases, digestive and nervous system and obesity.

Personal experience: This therapy, which lasts for 45 minutes, may be for the more active people little boring, but really has beneficial effects. It is recommended to have completed this therapy at least for 10 times in a row, then have for 4-6 weeks rest. After completion of this therapy, we felt particularly beneficial effect on breathing, problems with asthma or allergies. But it is also the place soothing and has beneficial effect on the nervous but also digestive system.


Cold was is past and is still in present using for reducing swelling and fever. Even during the Napoleonic wars, the doctors found that the amputated limbs bleeding less, if they were covered before operation with snow and ice. Effects of cold are currently used in the treatment, which is in many countries known as cryotherapy. During this treatment are patients in the cold from  -100 to  -160 °C.

The modern history of treatment with cold related to Toshiro Yamauchi, who watched the effects of cold on the human body and participated on the first constructed Cryochamber. During the stay in chamber patient need gloves, socks, headband, shorts and women also T-shirt. After few minutes patient spent at least 10 minutes in the gym, which tend to be automatically available in centers where such chambers are. The overall effects of the cold therapy is stronger immune system, increasing the efficiency of the body, energy, better mood, reduce allergies, wrinkles, problems related to joint disease, menstrual pain, etc.

Personal experience: During the procedure you can go into the two (sometimes to three chambers), from which is first one intended to acclimatization. In the second chamber you can be suprised with huge cold, fog and little space, from which you can start to panic. Prepare on the initial shock and try to relax. If you will find out to stay in the target chamber too difficult, you can stay only in the first one.

Similarly, clothing. In some centers, patients do not have so many clothes and have only bikinis. On one side it is beneficial, but on the other hand it is also quite dangerous. Especially for women, who have slower blood flow than men. Cold can rather hit their vital organs, and they are more susceptible to frostbite. If you start feel a burning sensation on the skin during the stay in the chamber, you’d better go out.

Overall, these therapies have beneficial effects for us and therefore, despite the possible problematic completed, we would recommend them to people who would like to be healthier. However, it should be noted that in each case there are some limitations, therefore,  before start any therapy, first consult a physician.