Choosing the right colors for your brand


The colors used in your business are an important part of your brand. They are the building blocks of your business’s reputation and character. These colors will also be replicated on your website and other online branding such as social media.

Building a brand is important; people relate to a brand the same way they do to a person’s character. Ensuring that the brand of your business compliments your working environment will give potential new clients an idea of quality and what to expect from the services you provide.

How to choose the right colors for your business

Designers use a 60-30-10 rule. The best approach is to use no more than three colors within your branding color scheme. The primary color should be used to cover 60% of your practice brand; the secondary color should cover only 30%. The remaining 10% of the color should be used for accents and highlights. Having too many hues of color can make the brand look unprofessional.

When choosing your brand’s colors you may want to look at how visitors experience your brand. A brand isn’t just your logo, it also represents the services you specialize in and the way you treat your customers. Once you have chosen your brand it should stay consistent throughout all areas of communication with your customers. This will include your digital marketing strategy, the website, social media, events and online reputation.

Understand the meaning of colors for your brand

You might be surprised by what the color of your business says about you. Having an understanding of colors can affect the way patients feel about you.

Colors can affect our moods and can therefore be used to offer a comforting and uplifting environment for your clients; using well-considered color schemes shows professionalism.

McDonald’s is one exempel of how important the colors are for a brand. McDonald’s (MCD) restaurants across Europe removed the red background behind the golden arches logo and replacing it with green. The green color is supposed to make customers associate the company with a commitment to the environment.

It’s important that your website is an extension of your brand

For example, if you have a minimalistic, modern type business then this should be replicated in the colors and design of your website. If your business is in the country and has a cosy atmosphere, your website design should reflect this as well.

When clients visit your website, app or social media networks, they should instinctively know that the colors seen on your online profiles form a part of your brand.

Why do clients need brand consistency?

Keeping the same look and feel for your brand and your website will generate trust and a secure feeling amongst your regular clients. This will make them feel more comfortable and trustfully using the web functions offered on the site. It also shows professionalism and will attract new patients who have been referred by existing loyal clients.

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