Men who share too much

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We all profess to want a man who will share, but be careful what you wish for ladies! We have all read about men liking a little mystery, how short skirts and low tops are very titillating, but the sexiest women are the ones who leave a little to the imagination. Showing too much makes things too easy for them (sorry ladies from Essex), please don’t take offence, I understand that there is a ‘cultural’ element involved, that includes being more orange, longer acrylics, bigger hair and bigger breasts. This may be due to some very solid advice from the 80’s got lost in translation over the years, as we all heard that ‘breast is best’! We are not so different to men; we like to leave a little to the imagination too, especially where our men are concerned. You think you want to know it all, but that takes away the fantasy of our perfect man, why do you insist on spoiling things for yourself by insisting they share every thought that passes through their head? You are better off not knowing. The same can be said of their past, you don’t need to know.

After opening the proverbial flood gates, and convincing my man (obviously an ex man now), to open up about his past, in an attempt for me to know him better, I now couldn’t close them! He regaled stories of his past that made my hair curl! The illusion was shattered. I learnt that not only did I not want to hear about his past conquests, and the stud muffin stallion he was prior to meeting me, and the page three beauties that he could have had, I also found myself morbidly curious, and wished that some of the stories he told me about handcuffs, did actually result from his sex life, and not his encounters with the police! The fantasy faded, as the tales became less ’50 Shades of Grey’ to more ’50 Buzz Kills to Say’.

So, before you convince your man to share everything, remember this… his past will never be as wonderful as your imagination, so why not just leave it there and enjoy the here and now.

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